Production Manager

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Production Manager
R0- R0
B-Tech Operations Management

National Diploma In Production and Operations Management:Production Management I
Applied Statistics I
Manufacturing Technology I
Organizational Effectiveness I (Work study)
Production Management II
Production Management Techniques II
Organizational Effectiveness II (Work study)
Workplace Dynamics I
Operations Management III
Operations Management Techniques III
Financial Principles in Production I
End User Computing I
B Tech in Operations Management:Operations Management IV
Operations Management Techniques IV
Financial Planning and Control III
Quality Planning and Implementation IV
Research Methodology
Project IV
Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management:Principle of Project Management Project scope and Time Management Project Management Leadership Project Communication and Risk Management Project Resource Management Project Financial Management Project Quality Management Project Applied Technology
Grade 12 :Isizulu
Business Economics
MS Excel,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,BAAN,E-Mail,Internet,MS Projects,Lotus Notes,BPCS,MS Access,MS Word
Own Business:Own Business From 2017-10 To Current

Mining:Production Planner From 2007-10 To 2017-09

Planning Manager– Mining and Rock Excavation Service Nov 2015 – September 2017
Snr Planner – Atlas Copco Drilling Solution  - Nov 2008 – Nov 2015
Production Scheduler November 2007 – October 2008


Planning Manager Duties:  Planned of machine and component workshops activities and operations
Read and interpreted technical drawings
Managed of planning and administration team (6 Planners – 4 workshop planners and 2 customer site planners)
Ensured opening of jobs for machine and component repairs and rebuilds were open on time and correct accounting indicators were used to open jobs
Ensured that quotations were done on time and accurately and forwarded to customers as per customer request, specification and requirement and followed up with the customer for official purchase ordered in order to meet set targets for all workshops
Assistance to field service manager for man on site quotations and opening of jobs
Ensured all warranty jobs are signed off by responsible Business Line Manager within 30 days from the date of last labour hours booked/completion
Checked quotation for profitability and report any cost and labour hours variances
Updated schedule, reporting and feedback for workshop daily progress meeting
Was responsible for all site project by ensuring all the resources are available and the project is completed within the planned timeframe and within budget
Provided reports to stakeholders on project progress using MS Project format and/or in Gantt chart format
Ensured regular job labour updates and reporting on recovery to ensure all Artisan are fully utilised to break-even
Monitored hours and costs to determine trends and to assist in forecasting
Ensured prompt feedback to customers regarding deliveries of products on site
Controlled/watch costing of work orders to avoid costs overruns
Ensured all job packs/job cards were completed when job was completed and signed off for invoicing
Ensure all delivery notes were captured prior to invoicing to avoid debtor’s queries
Ensured prompt and accurate invoicing according to quotation (internal & external) to ensure the invoice was in line with what is quoted and match the purchase order value
Assisted credit control department with outstanding receivable queries when required through customer visits to resolve the queries speedily and avoid invoice ageing
Analysed the cost variances of labour and parts on completed work
Checked actual profit vs quoted and take corrective action to reduce variances, by liaising with the Foremen and Workshop Manager
Ensured that WIP (Work in Progress) is reduced by ensuring all jobs in the system are closed at the end of the work/project and only keep on-going jobs than completed jobs in the system.
Followed up and resolve long open jobs
Did monthly management report on WIP to keep management informed on all open jobs and take decisions on long and unresolved jobs (Customers on financial rescue)
Ensured that all WOL jobs are recorded and closed out properly and promptly
Informed the product company on quality improvements on products for all defective products in order to avoid customer complaints or product returns
Ensured that all TSNB jobs are recorded and closed out properly and promptly
Ensured that external suppliers processes are complied with the company standards
Ensured that all planners use BPCS in the correct manner
To provide support services to internal & external customers
Implemented planned continuous improvements as would be required from time to time
Trained assistance
Carried out any other function or duty as many be required in terms of “the way we do things”
Was responsible for cost allocation of repairs and purchases to correct cost centre
Ensured SHEQ compliance within the team
Assisted Technicians with drawings and part numbers for components ordering
Expedied customer orders for quoted work on receipt of official order received
Solved all customer queries related to service, parts delivery, quotations and invoices
Organized cranes and Rigger for equipment assembling and plant maintenance
Developed strong relationship with suppliers (Set KPI’s to monitor service level)
Co-ordinated completion dates for maintenance work to ensure that agreed repair lead times are met and service exchange component stock levels are maintained
Reduced company working capital by ensuring we do thing right the first time
Maintained a measuring system to manage the sub-assembly repair processes from receipt of a sub-assembly and back to customer and invoicing
Ensured that staff and contractors adhere to company safety regulations
Ensured that inventory levels for assigned parts will meet customer demand
Reviewed MRP output daily to balance demand and supply of all assigned items
Identified risk areas and take corrective actions to minimize the risk within the working environment
Maintained accurate purchase order information for promise dates on sales orders in the MRP
Reported labour utilization, Working Capital and Net invoice sales to Management
Maintained open and effective communications with all personnel regarding supply problems and their resolutions
Negotiated pricing and delivery of repairs and parts from Suppliers

Poultry Industry:Production Team Leader/Supervisor From 2006-10 To 2007-09

Managed 60 employees.
Planned and organizing production.
Maintained discipline within the working environment.
Recruited and training employees.
Implemented 20 keys program.
Efficiency control.
Maintained the HACCP program.
Reported to Production manager.
Acted Palletising team leader
Labour relations disciplinary, grievances and dismissals

Unemployed and studied:unemployed and studied From 2002-01 To 2006-09
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
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