Product Manager Valves

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Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Male
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Product Manager Valves
R56000- R67000
B-Tech Mechanical Engineering

National Diploma - Mechanical Engineering:Mechanics, Mech. Manufacturing engineering, Mech. Engineering drawing, Mathematics, Computer skills, Communication skills (module a), Electro technology, Strength of materials, Mech. Engineering design, Fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electro technology
B - Tech Mechanical Engineering:Refrigeration and air conditioning IV, Automatic control IV, Thermodynamics IV, Strength of materials IV, Stress analysis IV, Mechanics of machines IV, Fluid mechanics IV, Turbo machines IV
Grade 12:English, Zulu, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Geography
MS Word,Inventor,MS Excel,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Autocad 2000,BAAN,E-Mail,Internet,MS Projects,Solid Edge,Windows (basic)
Power \ Utility:Lead Plant Engineer From 2016-06 To 2018-08

Plant Maintenance

Managed Plant

Machinery Maintenance

Quality Control

SHE Management

Mining (Pumps Manufacturer:Snr Applications & Project Engineer From 2009-06 To 2016-05

Gathered information about clients needs and worked with managers to develop products using engineering software.
Reviewed Tenders as per scope of supply with Sales, Tendering and Engineering Managers.
Selected products that complied with the scope of supply.
Provided all the necessary calculation for the products selected i.e. NPSH calculations, bearing life calculations, speed torque curves etc.
Provided a product datasheet which lists all operating conditions, performance, material selected, liquid to be pumped, driver/ motor data and pump curves.
Reviewed all selections with Engineering Manager
Took note of any deviations to the scope of supply.
Designed pumps hydraulics, baseplates and auxiliary systems
Ensured that the pump was running at Best Efficiency Point (BEP).
Pumping system design and calculated pipe friction losses, and addressed client queries to ensure that their requirements were met.
Planned the design and implementation of pumping systems and related equipment.
Worked with various departments within companies such as customer service, sales and manufacturing, ensured that client specifications were met.
Solved problems to provide assistance to the sales department and answered questions about the technical functionality from the client
Provided technical support for products from customer service departments.
Worked as part of a team while maintaining independent thinking.
Understood the commercial value and use of a product in order to better assist the client in determining his or her business needs and was able to work out the details of a product and tailor it to address the client's needs.
Provided and confirmed specifications of the changes made to a product for a client, and assisted in providing instructions that assisted the client better
Understands the nature and applications of a specific product, mostly pumps.
Participated in information gathering meetings with clients to determine the clients' needs, business goals, and desired outcomes.
Site visits to ensure that the installed equipment was according to the specified requirements.
Articulated technology being used, product features, and benefits to both business and technical users.
Furthermore, identified all the relevant technical issues to ensure completed customer satisfaction through all stages of the sales process.
Established and maintained strong positive relationships throughout the sales cycle

Tendering Engineer
June 2010 – December 2010
Tenders were treated as Request for Quotation (RFQ).
Reviewed the scope of the RFQ which included datasheets and all documents that specified the customer requirements.
Clarified the Scope which entailed taking note of the due dates
Customer name and terms of delivery for the RFQ and works required.
Established the WBS and Technical content by refining and updating the scope of work and the extent of supply.
Prepared costing Sheets and a Covering Letter for the RFQ.
Established and Compiled costing for the works through Procurement, industrial Engineering, engineering, projects, Sales and Customer Support Services Departments.
Reviewed the costing and quotation with the Sales Manager.
Submitted the RFQ to the customer

Mining:Drawing Office and Design Manager From 2007-9 To 2009-05

Managed the drawing office which included drawing change requests, new product, designs, new product registrations
Managed staff
Successfully administered engineering related projects.
Managed technical and project related issues included costs and project deadlines.
Identified technical and related improvements to operations.
Liaised with relevant production, sales or other departments to develop successful approaches to implementing and constructing engineering projects.
Evaluated and selected project team members and suppliers.
Developed detail designs for projects.
Issued training and awareness for all projects implemented and document all corrective actions taken.
Ensured the accurate setting up of systems, procedures and controls.
Ensured the efficient introduction of design changes, amendments, modifications and improvements.
Ensured the timely introduction of new components and deletion of old components, at all times.
Ensured the timely communication of all changes introduced (to internal clients).
Ensured timely investigation of causes of engineering problems and continuous improvement of products and methods.

Mining:Design Manager From 2002-10 To 2007-8

Managed Draughtsman
Develop detailed conceptual designs of engineered components, and related equipment using modern engineering tools for projects.
Tested of related products and processes.
Ensured that designs were fit for purpose, fully reflected the client requirements, were cost effective and efficient to manufacture.
Developed new products, supported and lead design reviews
Utilised design methods / techniques and documented the design for each product and project.
Underground visits to check product performance.
Managed technical and project related issues including costs and project deadlines.
Compared previous designs and develop from past designs.
Accurately designed mechanical systems.
Attended and minute all design reviews.
Presented drawings as complete designs and ensured that designs were within budget constraints.
Ensure issued drawings are updated with the latest revisions.
Met design and draughting deadlines.
Resolved design issues in conjunction with other Engineers
Resolved queries.
Coached and assisted Technicians.

Manufacturing:Component Grinder From 2000-06 To 2000-12
  • General adhoc duties
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand),Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
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