Financial Management, COO, CFO,

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Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Female
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Financial Management, COO, CFO,
R75000- R95000
CIS - Equivalent to B.Com

Bookkeeping Diploma:

Team Building
Customer Care
Employment Equity
In house training excel, word, powerpoint
Updates on Vat and payroll legislation.
ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Systems
Thinking Skills - with Dr Richard Broom Peak Performance Training
VIP Payroll / Pastel Payroll
SAICA Trustee Workshop
Excel for Financial Managers
Writing Financial Reports

Practical Accounting:
Financial Accounting I, II, III
Info Tech I, II
Organisation & Human Resources
Internal Auditing
Commericial Law
Corporate Law
Cost & Management Accounting
Financial Management
Corporate Governance
Corporate Secretaryship
E-Mail,Internet,Lotus Notes,Visio,Windows (basic),Nedinform,Anti-Virus,Windows,MIS,Syspro,SAP,Corel Draw,Word Perfect,Microsoft works,Odyssey,Wordpro,Oracle,SABS,JavaScript,Cisco,ERP,Windows 10,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS PowerPoint,Caseware,Pastel Evolution,Windows NT Workstations,Pilot (POS),ISO 2000,PABX,Sequel,Adobe Flash,CIPRO,OHS Act,Pastel Partner,Accounting - Taxware,Paywell,Crystal Reports,Compaq,Pastel Premier,VIP Payroll,Windows Server MCSE,Great Plains,Accent Programming,Accpac 360,Microsoft,Adobe Photoshop,ODBC,Mainframe,Cisco Basic,Pastel Accounting,Abacus,Accounting - Easyfile,Accounting - eFiling,Adobe,Oracle Financials,Forex,Pastel Payroll,Pastel Basic,Visual Basic,ISO 9001,Lotus,Wifi,Flash,SARB,IBM,Accounting ERP,Finance ERP,MS Access,MS Word,Annual Reports,MS Visual Basic,Norton\s Anti-Virus,Vision Plus,Pastel,Brilliant,Citrix,IFRS,Java,GAAP,BPT (Budget Preparation Tool),Quickbooks,Exchange 2016,Microsoft Server 2008,Pivot Tables,Accpac,MS Exchange,MAC,DraftSight
Medical - Healthcare:Financial & Management Accountant From Oct 2004 To Nov 2008
Medsearch Industries Holding Company of Medhold Medical, Medhold Gems, IEM Plastics, Blackfield Property, Manta Gems.

Responsible for Financial & Payroll Functions for the group

To ensure financial controls and systems are implemented and adhered to.
Ensure that management accounts are prepared by expected date.
Ensure that all major accounts are reconciled monthly eg. Cash, debtors, Creditors, Rebates, Stock & Fixed Assets.
Ensure that all costings are in accordance with management criteria.

Establish and Maintain good monthly reporting to all stakeholders
Prepare management accounts for each Division/Branch/Department.
Ensure that all variances to budget have been explained by division/branch/department.
Produce forecast for year by replacing budget with actual for months already completed.
Prepare Cashflow information monthly.
Prepare documentation required for budget and manage budget process on annual basis.
Ensure that all payments to creditors are valid and bonafide.
Ensure all payment to statutory bodies are made.

Ensure that Debtors are collectable and that stocks are realizable.
Monthly reconciliation of book
Reconciliation by each ledger monthly.
Each credit controller to prepare monthly Days outstanding and cash collected.
Review quarterly details of book and substantiate by detail reasons why debtors have exceeded terms.
Reconcile Debtors written off with Bad Debt provision.
Monthly explanation of major variances- ensure receipt of commentary from divisional directors/ departmental managers on variances between budget of all items of variance.
Prepare annual budget and review every six months.
Report daily to FD Sales GP and bank balances.

Manage Employees
Communicate with staff regarding welfare of Department
Establish forum with HR to communicate
Have bi annual formal appraisal of staff

Communicate with Shareholders
Attend formal meetings Management Review as well as Operations
Ensure that minutes are prepared and approved by shareholders and directors
Optain written approval an all strategic and capex decisions.
Obtain written approval of all non planned and un- budgeted decisions.

Discipline and Grievance Handling.
Taking formal disciplinary action where counseling has failed to achieve desired employee performance
Handling grievance enquiries where the informal approach has not resolved the grievieance
Staff Development
Ensure that where appropriate , a training and development plan is prepared in respect of each employee.
Ensure that each subordinate is adequately equipped to perform their job functions.
Ensure that each subordinate is sufficiently developed top do all jobs in my area of responsibility.

Positive Labour Climate
Develop a positive labour climate in my area of responsibility.
Treat each employee with respect and dignity.
Recognise good performance.

In Charge of Payroll for IEM Plastics, Medsearch Industries and Blackfield. Medhold Medical And medhold GEMS
In house on VIP System. Reimbursive expenses, Petrol usage, Repairs & Maintenance.
Responsible for all statutory returns, garnishees, Provident and Metal industries payments and queries.
No of employees In total 210
In charge of the ISO system within the organisation. Implementing 13485 standard.
(Medical Devices ) In charge of the 9001 2000 sytem processes as well as internal auditing (Trained by SABS and passed relevant exams) function of 5 branches and H/O that procedures and policies of MSI are adhered to. Risk Management monitoring.
Service:Financial / Ops Manager From Oct 2001 To Oct 2004
Controlling of accounting related issues, specifically with regard to the management of working capital and daily cash management.

Superior: General Manager
Subordinates reporting to Financial & Admin Manager - 1 x Creditors , Debtors Clerks Bookkeeper

Other Colleagues
Operations Manager
Technical Manager

Reporting of monthly results
Preparing exception reports (Budget comparison)
Implementation and maintaining financial and admin controls
Cash management and treasury
Year end, interim audit preparation and reporting
Responsibility and control of general ledger
Responsibility and control over creditors, Debtors & Petty Cash functions
Including payment authorizations
Responsibility on all statutory returns
Establish and implement an adequate system of internal control to ensure financial integrity.
Manage and control all fixed assets
Comply with all legal and statutory requirements in terms of the company
Liaise and provide information to shareholders.
Responsible and control over payroll administration
Full payroll function ? input up to the transfer of salaries
Responsibility over the pension and disability portfolios
Insurance and all related queries.

Responsible for the ISO 9001-2000 implementation - Trained by SABS and passed relevant exams

Superior Manager
General Manager

Office Administrator
Technical Manager
Departmental Representatives x 2

Responsibility over the implementation of A Hak Industrial Services
Quality Management system.
Responsibility of the setting up pf job procedures, job descriptions.
Setting up company?s procedures and policy manuals for each department. Eg Human resources, Quality manual
Setting up the internal controls of each department
Responsible for the internal auditing function of each department
Maintaining and implementing training and records
Responsibility over measurement , analysis and improvement
Service:Creditors Clerk / Assistant Supervisor From Nov 1989 To Jun 1995
Checked goods received vouchers to supplier invoices
Internal and external queries
Data capturing
Issued cheques to suppliers
Ensured prompt payments to suppliers
Sorted out claims
Processed and reconciled invoices to statement
Issued credits for claims
Service:Creditors Clerk - Bookkeeper From Jun 1995 To Dec 1997
Creditors - Full function
Input of invoices to balance to batches
Petty Cash
Processed monthly journals
Cash Book
Foreign Creditor payments
Service:Accountant From Jan 1997 To Sep 2001
01 January 1997 - 30 September 2003

Audits - Interim and annual audits
Printing of all necessary documents for the audit
YTD Income Statement and Balance Sheet and all general ledger Recons
Year end Journals
Fixed Asset and Tax Register
Confirmation of bank loans and bank balances
Audit queries
Spreadsheets on directors emoluments, cost to company and payroll recons
Stock take for audit purposes
Arranged physical stock take with auditor representative. Cost on weighted average
Month report to shareholders
Statutory Returns - VAT, PAYE, Regional Services, Pension and Provident,
Medical Aid, Funeral Policies, Accident benefits, UIF, Workmans Comp.
Responsible for monthly payments and reconciliations
Diners club, Credit Card and Stannic - Recons
Purchasing - Raising of P/O for quotes received and best price sourcing
Petty Cash
Bank Account reconciliations
Cash Book entries
Creditors - Book Value R9M
Debtors - Book Value R20M
Imports & Exports

Promoted to Financial & Admin Manager: 01 October 2004 - September 2004

Controlling of accounting related issues, specifically with regard to the management of working capital and daily cash management
Reporting of monthly results
Preparing Budget comparison
Implementation and maintenance of financial and admin controls
Cash Management and treasury
Year end, interim audit preparation and reporting
Responsibility and control of general ledger
Control of creditors, debtors & Petty Cash functions, payment authorisations
Statutory returns
Managed and controlled all fixed assets
Responsible and control over payroll administration
Full payroll function
Insurance and all related queries
Responsible for the ISO 9001 - 2000 implementation
Setting up company?s procedures and policy manuals/internal controls
Responsible for internal auditing function for each department
Retail:Group Accountant From 2009-2 To 2009-8
Overall Financial Management and HR function

Ensure financial controls and systems are adhered and implemented.
Establish and maintain good monthly reporting to all stakeholders
Responsible for all companies payroll
Prepare annual statutory accounts
Prepare annual and provisional tax returns Company
Prepare annual budgets
Prepare monthly cash book reconciliations
Prepare cash flow statements weekly
Manage and custodian of fixed assets
All journal entries and general ledger reconciliation
Preparation of monthly management accounts as well as consolidation
Perform adhoc duties as required by CEO
Prepare and deliver timeous and accurate reports.
Cash flow management
Management of all contracts and leases
Management of commission income
Preparation of annual financial statements and audit
Assistance with mergers and acquisitions
Manage Directors farm and aircraft
Secretarial functions
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Johannesburg Town
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