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Business Manager
Accsyss,CRM,MS Access,MS Excel,MS Explorer,MS Outlook,MS Word
Western Cape
PURPOSE OF THE ROLE: To provide a proactive business sales and service management function that will retain and grow a portfolio of business customers by identifying and implementing value adding and specialised business financial products solutions from a range of standard and/or customized offerings. KEY DELIVERABLES/OUTPUTS Profitable growth in sales Explain, promotes and sells a range of appropriate Company product offerings/financial solutions that meet the financial needs of business customers Acquires new risk groups and opens new business accounts on a face-to-face basis Cross-sells additional value adding services and products like Banking@bility, Point-Of-Sale (POS) and Cash AccSys to existing customers to assist them in growing their businesses Identifies and refers sales leads to business partners like Commrisk Analyse existing customer data to identify expansion and/or additional business opportunities utilising available MIS and contact management strategy Develops and implements a client-calling schedule in line with Customer Value Proposition (CVP) Ensure effective and appropriate pricing across all Company products Customer service, efficiency and retention Provides central information / query service point for the portfolio Interacts with clients and conducts a needs analysis to assist clients to better understand their financial requirements Drives the CVP contact management strategy to proactively engage customers at their business premises on a face to face basis Manages (in collaboration with internal business partners) the delivery of service level agreements, standards and turnaround times in line with value proposition and retention requirements Accurately and efficiently processes customer mandates/documentation requirements for Banking facilities Lending and risk management Plans, implements and ensures timeous completion of annual credit reviews for the portfolio Explains credit loan facility options and qualifying criteria to customers Supports customers in the completion of credit application information requirements, e.g. balance sheets, financial statements, management accounts and cashflow forecasts Motivates and processes credit applications Notifies customers regarding the approval/decline of credit loan facilities Facilitate a sound working partnership between Credit to stimulate business growth without compromising risk and the quality of lending. Conduct regular discussions with Credit Managers to ensure process efficiency and quick turnaround. Monitors daily referrals and loan arrears to ensure that client facilities are managed within the parameters set by Credit. Exercise discretion regarding account conduct based on a close knowledge and understanding of clients activities. Applies risk based pricing models and manage concessions appropriately Compliance with legislation Monitor the complete disclosure to customers in terms of accreditation, service fees and commission as outlined in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS). Monitor housekeeping within the business centre to ensure adherence to record keeping requirements as outlined by FAIS and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA). Ensures compliance to all applicable legislative requirements such as the Code of Banking Practice, National Credit Act, Companies Act, Consumer Protection Act, etc. Ensures the adherence to all internal risk related policies and guidelines People Management Responsible for inspiring, motivating, leading and managing the team Responsible for the recruitment, development and retention of relevant skills in order to meet the business needs Ensure the effective selection of staff by matching the skills and competencies to the requirements of the job Ensure skills assessments and competency-based training takes place as and when required Creates an environment in which learning and development are emphasized Takes personal responsibility for coaching and mentoring others Effectively delegates authority and responsibility, in line with business objectives, to ensure the empowerment, motivation and effectiveness of all direct and indirect reports Promotes a culture where the 4 pillars of the Banking are seen to be ‘alive’ Encourages team members to express their views, resolves issues raised by the team, escalate issues if required, and provides feedback to teams on an ongoing basis Develops and maintain an open communication channel with direct reports and supports staff to foster greater co-operation and teamwork Monitors and manages the performance and development of staff within the area. This includes regular one-on-one feedback sessions, conducting mid-year and final performance appraisals, as well as the moderation and relative distribution of all appraisals for the team Drives the talent review sessions and succession planning in conjunction with Human Resources Foster the transformation of the workplace and supports business in the achievement of the attaining the Employment Equity targets for the Banking Ensures staff are appropriately and consistently rewarded and recognized for their achievement and outputs Ensures that disciplinary action and grievances are addressed and aligned to the company’s policies and procedures Reports Scrutinises/Actions all relevant reports according to laid-down instructions. KEY PERFORMANCE MEASURES Achievement of Sales and Financial targets as per KRA scorecard: Profitability of business centre measured by growth in advances and deposits, growth in net-interest income and non-interest revenue, net profit before tax, cost containment growth in new business and increased cross-sell and up-sell ratios for the various product categories. Excellent customer satisfaction rating Customer retention (attrition ratios) Human Resources Development Competence rating (own and staff) Excellent stakeholder feedback Lending: Quality of business measured by % non performing loans (joint accountability with Credit) Quality of credit applications and documentation Quality of portfolio review management Quick turnaround times Culture Index IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS Building ongoing close relationships with customers in the portfolio is a critical requirement for the purpose of generating ongoing credibility, income and positive sentiment for the Banking The attainment of work results is critically affected by the ability to proactively promote and market the Banking and the business centre Breaks down barriers and develops influential relationships across team, functions and layers within the Banking Build, strengthen and leverage internal networks, alliance partnerships and relationships with senior Banking stakeholders KEY COMPETENCIES Personal Competencies Excellent verbal and written communication skills Analytical: Identifies and analyses patterns and trends, sees the relationship between cause and effect, has an enquiring mind Observant: Alert, is quick to identify potential opportunities, notices the details of situations and is in touch with the local environment Socially Confident/ Relationship Builder: Self-assured, enjoys meeting people, creates a good impression in social situations, is good with words and knows what to say (even when communicating disagreeable information) Persuasive: Enjoys motivating, negotiating and changing the opinions of others, is convincing with arguments Forward planning: Prepares well in advance, enjoys setting targets, and plans activities Critical: Good at probing the facts, challenges assumptions Innovative: Generates ideas, shows ingenuity and thinks up solutions, creates opportunities for others to innovate Optimistic: Has a bright outlook, is hopeful, keeps spirits up and is not easily discouraged Highly numerate/ Data rational: Is good with numerical data, operates on facts, and enjoys assessing and measuring Results orientated: Strongly motivated to compete and achieve impressive results, strives to improve, has a “can do” attitude and enjoys challenges Competitive: Plays to win, takes up the challenge Group orientated: Enjoys working in a team, is supportive of and patient with others Integrity and honesty Problem solving, planning and decision making Problem solving - Is required to think within the overall Business Banking and Banking strategy to objectives for the business plan of the Business Centre. Understands the interdependencies between industry knowledge, business and financial risks, as well as product knowledge, pricing and taxation, to determine feasible operating strategies and tactics for the Centre to maximise total profit and minimise loss. Planning - Formulates a medium to long-term business plan for the Business Centre to meet and maximise relationship growth and profitability targets. Sets goals, priorities and service standards for the Centre, and translates these into clear targets and action plans for each portfolio to achieve new business acquisition, portfolio expansion and retention targets. Decision making - Under the general management direction of the Provincial Business Manager, the incumbent is able to make decisions regarding the “what” and “how” of the tactical Business Centre sales strategy. The incumbent’s role is to determine portfolio sales objectives for the Centre (in line with broad strategic objectives), and how these are to be accomplished in the field. The incumbent has prime accountability to monitor and manage the successful execution of these plans in collaboration with alliance partners in the respective Area and Banking as a whole Knowledge Competencies Business knowledge Risk Management Project Management People Management Financial Management Change Management QUALIFICATIONS, KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE Qualification and knowledge Relevant business related tertiary qualification e.g. B.Com degree is a requirement. Leadership and Management skills training e.g. MDP, Leadership Development Programme is an advantage Thorough knowledge and understanding of the features, benefits and value propositions of the respective company product/service offerings. A thorough conceptual knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of business economics and the current business economic environment. An in-depth current knowledge and understanding of different industry sectors and sector risk profiles/ trends; this includes an understanding of the impact of climatic conditions on the agricultural market (if there are agric clients in the portfolio). A thorough in-depth knowledge and understanding of Managing Local Market (MLM) Sales principles and practices to manage and optimise retention and growth within the Centre. Strong negotiation and conflict management skills to create a cooperative and collaborative working environment where conflict is defused and managed. Financial Acumen: Financial Modeling capability, activity based costing, financial analysis (evaluating and identifying trends), complex cash flow cycles (industry/ sector specific) Good knowledge of general Banking practices and procedures. A thorough working knowledge of multi-level products available and pricing structures. Knowledge of competitor product offerings/ channels/ operational and marketing tactics. Seasoned knowledge of Credit principles and practices, including an understanding of credit application, securities and balance sheet requirements. Seasoned knowledge of multiple legal entities (companies, close corporations, sole proprietorships etc.) in the commercial market and the legislative restrictions and requirements governing these from a financial services perspective. Good understanding of current taxation laws as they apply to the portfolio of customers. A good working knowledge of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA). Extract and apply information to CRM (Customer relationship management) strategy A good knowledge of administration processes and procedures pertaining to Business Banking transactions. Additional Requirements A valid drivers licence and own transportation May be required to work on Saturdays The position or job function requires honesty in the handling of cash or finances due to the nature of the business. Experience Previous general Banking experience of at least 5 years, of which 3 years should have been spent in the Business Banking environment. This experience should have provided a general understanding of how Business Banking operates, as well as understanding the business risks, industry risks and financial requirements pertaining to the business market. 3 years managerial experience Significant experience in preparing and motivating Credit applications is essential Experience in budgeting, forecasting, cost control and sales management is essential. Fit & Proper Requirements (as defined in the Banking Act for Fit & Proper requirements) Appropriate qualification at NQF level 5, recognised in terms of Fit & Proper Competency Requirements Regulatory examinations 1. At least 6 months experience and 15 Continuous Professional Development hours over a 3-year cycle in deposits with terms exceeding 12 months At least 3 months experience and 15 Continuous Professional Development hours over a 3-year cycle in deposits with terms of less than 12 months

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Relevant business related tertiary qualification e.g. B.Com degree is a requirement. Leadership and Management skills training e.g. MDP, Leadership Development Programme is an advantage A valid drivers licence and own transportation Previous general banking experience of at least 5 years, of which 3 years should have been spent in the Business Banking environment.
Business Management

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