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Established in 1970, Total Recruitment Solutions Recruitment Agency has consistently delivered a friendly and professional employment service for more than 35 years of operational excellence. Our main focus has traditionally been in Gauteng, South Africa, but since the implementation of new innovations we now recruit nationally and globally. As a result it's not surprising with a client base of more than 4000 that during an average month there are in excess of 1500 applicants seeking out TRS's personalised recruitment expertise.

Our Recruitment Agency Expertise

If your need lies in the financial sector, rest assured that our highly effective Temp and Permanent Divisions will provide you with top calibre Bookkeepers, Cashbook Clerks, Accountants, Debtors, Computer Staff and Data Capture Staff. This of course doesn't mean we cannot cater for other needs, and if yours happens to be in Construction, Office Support, Logistics, Warehouse Control and more, you have still come to the right place!

A further indication of our commitment to high standards of service for both applicants as well as clients, is our membership of the Association of Personal Service Organisations and our strict adherence to the operational guidelines of the Labour Relations Act (LRA, BCEA, EEA, OHSA, COIDA).

All of the above is provided to you at an extremely reasonable fee, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call - a truly 'TRS' experience awaits you.

Efficient Recruitment in South Africa

Total Recruitment Solutions Recruitment Agency is about finding the right people for the right jobs in the community. And seeing that we've been part of this community for 35 years, we've been in a prime position to watch its growth patterns and to amend our style of operations whenever necessary, to ensure that we are always in tune with our surroundings. So we feel confident in saying that it's unlikely you'll find another recruitment agency better suited to understand our clients' needs, in all their forms.

With over 100 years combined recruitment experience, we have consistently provided our client base with their most important element, their human capital. Our approach here is to ensure that while we are fulfilling the needs of our clients, we are also sending our candidates into an environment we know they will find rewarding.

TRS meets and exceeds all government legislative requirements with regards to BEE, and is involved in a five-year program with a fully accredited BEE practitioner. As a company that is dedicated to giving back to the community, we are committed from a professional and ethical point of view to the further empowerment of members of previously disadvantaged communities.

As a Recruitment Agency

Although through the years we have developed a reputation for specialising in financial placements, we do remain a generalist recruitment consultancy, servicing a diverse client base, boasting blue chip companies who entrust us with their staffing requirements in the following categories:

 Finance  Office Support
 Sales  Customer Services
 Marketing  HR
 IR  Payroll
 Purchasing  Supply Chain
 Production  Warehouse
 Logistics  Supply Chain
 Quality  Security
 Risk  Draughting
 Trade  Technical
 Professional  Engineering
 Shipping  IT
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