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SHEQ Officer (Manufacturing)

Candidate: 23402
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Male
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SHEQ Officer
R40000- R45000
1 Calendar Month
Occupational Health & Safety Awareness
Diploma Education (1st &:
HR Development I,II & III:Staff Recruitement Induction Appraisal Code of Conduct Staff grievances Discipline procedures Conflict Management Dispute resolution
MS Access, Wifi, Internet, MS PowerPoint, MS Explorer, MS Excel, Windows, Microsoft, MS Word, E-Mail, MS Outlook
Renewable bio-resource : SHEQ Officer From 2015-05 To Current

Support SHEQ with the assurance function in terms of the HMH’s obligations with regard to its compliance to the legislation, consents, permits and Safety Management Plans, sound technical health and safety knowledge.

Monitor the plant’s compliance with the H&S requirements and the H&S related impact of developments.

Analyze and react to health and safety related matters of the Plant and review relevant reports to leverage the required improvements.

Review all representations from the Plant to legislative authorities (for example, submissions to the HMH and the Department of Labour)

Draft formal correspondence in the event of any non-compliances to legislation, consents, permits and Health & Safety Management Plans by the Plant.

Maintain the HMH list of the Plant’s health and safety issues and continuously monitor and report on the progress of close out.

Review and analyze monthly/quarterly/bi-annual/annual reports (E.g.: the Monthly SHEQ Report and the Annual Safety Report) within one week after receipt for sign off by the HMH Group SHEQ Manager.

Attend monthly formal meetings, for example the SHEQ Coordination Meeting.

Attend other meetings or workshops as arranged by the Plant.

Maintain the HMH list of health and safety issues and continuously monitor and report on the progress of close out.

Responsible for SHEQ audits/inspections of the health and safety aspects of the HMH system.

Ensure compliance of HMH institutional occupational safety through the implementation of an internal H&S system and relevant committees.

Monitor compliance within the HMH of approved safety management and SHE procedures through planned audits and inspections

Improve the compliance culture, managing and limiting risk and assuring compliance within the HMH

Assist H&S committee with inspections, audits and emergency planning

Drafting procedures for internal use on H&S emergency planning and business continuity

Coordinate the internal audit action list and plans for closure through engagement with relevant departments

Implement plans for the closure of non-compliances

Manage the HMH’s health and safety liabilities and/or risks with regard to the operations, maintenance and future expansions/extensions of the HMH system.

Undertake required activities relating to quality management

Support SHEQ with the provision of effective health and safety procedures, controls, reporting mechanisms and awareness programmes to ensure compliance and protect the interests of HMH.

Implementation and management of a suitable occupational health and safety system for HMH

Implementation of Health and Safety policies and best practices

Implement a risk management system for HMH on SHEQ related matters

Conduct reviews of the Plant’s design and issued for construction drawings against the necessary consents/legislation, for any future extensions/expansions to the OD system and any variations to the current system within the timelines set by HMH

Undertake H&S Due Diligence Investigations and compile reports for submission to the Group SHEQ Manager.

Auditing, analyzing and reporting health and safety performance to HMH to reduce HMH’s Health and Safety risks and minimize financial costs.

Assist in the reviews of any third party applications which may have a health and safety impact on the HMH system by ensuring the HMH is registered as an interested and affected party.

Being proactive about corporate social responsibility issues and taking action to ensure these are met

Develop, manage and maintain good working relationships with internal and external stakeholders of HMH

Attend municipal authority & other relevant stakeholders’ meetings representing HMH on health and safety issues and concerns.

Provide sound technical & professional advice/ support to internal & external stakeholders.

Programme manage External Contractor/Consultant (arrange meetings, site visits, presentations, 3rd party interface, etc.)

Effective management of contractors/consultants to ensure on-time delivery of health and safety related projects

Monitoring of External Contractor/Consultant.

Arrange and carry out any necessary independent external audits and follow up audits and review any audit programmes and reports as determined by HMH.

Technical advice addressing Health and Safety and engineering impacts, predominantly in construction, Manufacturing and transport industries.

Hands on experience involvement with permit system authorizations, specialist assessments, due-diligence and peer reviews, feasibility assessment reviews and public engagement.

Ongoing research and individual development to ensure the implementation of safety initiatives within the HMH

Continuous innovation, study and implementation of Health and Safety solutions.

Attending, if and when required, appropriate courses and conferences to improve one’s Health and Safety management and administration skills.

Maintain a Health and Safety Reporting System for HMH.

Developing suggestions to improve the current HMH SHEQ administration system.

Knowledge transfer during projects to meet skills development requirements (e.g. HIRA, Risk Management)

Identify, analyze, assess, compile, integrated legislated reports, plans, products, drawings, systems, specifications and/or concepts

Familiarization of HMH administration system (Project Wise, physical and computer filing, printing, scanning, telephone manners and book control, etc.).

Perform tasks set out in terms of relevant legislation and sustainability targets to support the HMH SHEQ in achievement of legislated outputs, deadlines, budgets and developing plans to meet those targets and oversee their delivery

Review all reports, proposals and other documents and provide report to HMH SHEQ

Consumer Products - FMCG : SHE Officer/Project Coordinator From 2013-02 To 2014-12

All Safety issues in the factory

Assist with induction training, including recording details and records

Assist with hazard/aspect identification and risk/impact assessment (according to Nestlé format).

This includes:

training members of the risk assessment

assist with compiling risk assessments for all areas and respective jobs

assist with defining the corrective and preventative actions

Review of safe work procedures (as developed by Team Leaders / HODs according to standard template).

Assist Team Leaders and HODs with incident investigations

Ensure all accidents are properly recorded, reported and investigated

Ensure that contractors comply with the Nestlé SHE specifications

Where it is not possible to remove any remaining hazard/s you are to inform employees thereof and what precautionary action is to be taken.

Ensure EMP compliance

Regular inspections of site contractors file

Approval of SHE files

Assist in updating/capturing BBSHE cards

Assist with the implementation of Company System Procedures for Health, Safety and Environment. (ISO 18001 &14001)

Compilation of registers and regular inspections of registers (ladders, pressure vessels, lifting equipment).

On Construction Site

Safety in the construction site

Attend tool box talks and site meetings

Ensure all accidents are properly recorded, reported and investigated

Ensure the contractors comply with the Construction Regulations and Nestlé SHE specifications

Issue non-conformances and keep record of the same; and report all non-compliances at SHE Manager and at daily Toolbox talks.

Ensure that good housekeeping is practiced at the construction site

Regular inspections of site contractors file

Audit of SHE files, specifically risk assessments, fall protection plans and PPE

Ensure permits are issued

Regular inspection of induction cards, permits, daily task risk assessments, PPE, PEE, working at height, vehicles, lifting equipment (e.g. cranes), etc.

Regular inspections of registers (Tool box talks, Equipment etc)

Prevent overlapping work by contractors in the same area.

Conducting research in various sectors for accreditation.

Provide administrative support for the development of the new accreditation programme.

Compile and manage action plans and assist with all administration related duties for meetings/workshops/projects.

Assist with the documentation of Nestle view on generic aspects related to accreditation.

Interpret requirements for different management system standards.

Assist the project manager to ensure that the timelines for the project are met in line with the business plan.

Assist the project manager with project planning and execution.

Stakeholder management and communication for the project under development.

Assist the Senior Manager for Strategy and Development.

Mining : Safety Officer From 2012-07 To 2013-01

Broad knowledge and ability to recognize and evaluate potential hazards and recommend controls

Provides technical direction and advice and counsel to management.

Develops and uses a variety of advanced and innovative techniques to evaluate work environments.

Evaluates well-being trends internal and external to the Project.

Maintains awareness of regulatory and internal requirements in addition to professional advancements in employee well-being disciplines.

Forecasts, develops, and maintains well-being processes to achieve Project objectives and regulatory requirements.

Actively participates in internal and external meetings.

Participates in well-being audits and peer reviews.

Understands and supports health benefits programs and initiatives.

Maintains a comprehensive understanding of business unit strategies.

Manage safety and risk management

Provide specialist technical knowledge and advice and resolve related problems

Ensure personal and co-workers' adherence to and compliance with relevant acts and the company's SHE objectives

Facilitate and steer the development and implementation of SHE Management Systems, Exposure Control  Programmes and Measures (ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) that contribute to a safe and productive environment

Deliver sound best practice SHE advice to line managers in accordance with relevant policies, procedures and applicable national and international legislation

Ensure continuous improvement of Risk Registers

Develop effective working relationships with consultants and governmental authorities

Participate in seminars/forums to keep abreast of developments within the industry Work according to the mine Code of Practice Budget planning and preparation.

Retail - Wholesale : Facilities Manager From 2011-09 To 2012-05

Full building maintenance function

Conducting bi-weekly site inspections, recording all non-conformances and taking corrective action

Sourcing and managing of relevant contractor to ensure high standard of maintenance

Obtaining competitive quotes for required maintenance and conduct regular cost comparisons for repetitive expenditure

Assist with maintenance projects and continues improvement initiatives

Ensure high standards of housekeeping and audit cleaning company monthly

Ensure accurate record kept on all maintenance expenditure and trending of costs where necessary

Full MHE maintenance function

Monthly SLA review with service provider

Weekly meeting with the service provider reviewing repairs, down time registers and daily checklists

Maintaining planned maintenance schedules on MHE and batteries

Ensure that the service provider has a valid registration with the Compensation Commissioner and that service provider adheres to all Health and Safety requirement at all times

Confirm that products/parts are delivered by agreed dates and times

Ensure safe work procedures and job descriptions are in place for all MHE related functions and do a formal audit quarterly

Monitor response time of after hour call outs and take corrective action when needed

Arrange bi-annual load and safety tests on all machinery

Ensure daily driver KPI's check sheets are completed and necessary corrective action are taken

Publish the driver KPI ratings daily and trends monthly

Reporting on all MHE related expenditure by machine and battery weekly

Ensure continues driver assessments are carried out and that all driving licenses are valid

Controlling of the total MHE Fleet preventative maintenance plan and ensuring minimal down time

Ensure Diesel stock levels are maintained in order to ensure continuous operation

Ensure Diesel area comply with all related health and safety regulations

Monitor Diesel consumption and expenditure

Manage access and security control

Take full ownership of all security related activities on site

Bi weekly performance meetings with service provider

Authorization and arranging of all weekend plans with regards to work to be done on site

Conduct alarm activation testing monthly including Armed response

Set up maintenance schedule on all security related equipment and at what frequency it must take place, keeping records there off

6 Monthly review of all related SOP’s, Job descriptions and SLA

Incident investigation reporting and action plans to reduce risk exposure

Report incidents on the intranet within 24 hours of occurrence and close off within 7 working days

Inform the Group Asset Protection Manager of serious incidents such as but not limited to incidents of armed robbery, hijacking, forced entry, industrial action etc

Set up and maintaining relationship with community police forum

Auditing all high risk areas under securities control and conduct a site security survey once a month

Ensure quarterly voice stress analysis completed on security personnel

Keep updated listing off all staff dismissed for security related offences in Consumer goods format and forward to HO for processing

Ensure continuous training of security personnel

Record keeping off all non-conforming incidents

Introducing and maintaining daily, weekly and monthly KPI reports

Weekly signing off of OB book

Ensure monthly feedback report received from security and communicated to management

Reporting on monthly basis on all security related cost and authorizing all invoices before payment is made

Ensure CCTV system is in functioning order at all times and action any non-conformances

Do monthly spot checks on staff entering or leave through turnstiles two at a time

Ensure the Electronic Security System Policy is complied with

Authorisation of access control through biometrics (AFIS) of all new security staff on site ensure criminal checks and other related requirements are met. ID number criminal checks are not acceptable

Ensure security staff is registered at PSIRA(Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).

Implement and maintain full site lock down procedure including key control, to be audited once per month

Ensure compliance with Health and Safety regulations and requirements:

Ensure that an active Health & Safety Committee is in place and minute meetings are held bi-monthly

Ensure that the Safety Awareness Campaign is adhered to

Weekly testing of the fire system and generators

Ensure fire drills are held quarterly and feedback sent to departmental heads

Regional depot risk audit done every 6 moths

Present monthly SHE report to management on all audits completed with findings and areas of concern

On an on-going bases note safe work practices with special emphasis on MHE in and around the warehouse as well as vehicles on the DC property and take corrective action for MHE abuse, dangerous driving and damage to racking

Schedule all MHE drivers legal licensing requirements and medicals and ensure compliance

Observe returned pallet handling practices and put pallet damage preventative measures in place

Ensure stacking comply with legislation

Ensure secure contractor access control and safety documentation in place including indemnity forms

Ensure compliance to external Risk audit and maintaining a 95% standard that include:

Risk Management

Fire defence




Health and safety



Ensure that all training, certification, inspections, SOP's, appointments and legal requirements relating to the OSHACT is scheduled and maintained

Arrange ASIB /Earth leakage infrared/lux test and fire equipment inspections

Ensure all legal environment requirements are maintained including pest control

Ensure legal compliance as required by the department of Labour and the OHS act

Ensure the establishment and maintaining of a formal site risk management system that includes

Disaster Recovery

Risk control standards

Emergency procedures

Records of all personnel and contractors site safety induction

Conduct monthly safety inspections and meetings and ensure accurate record keeping

Conduct regular fire drills

Pest control

Quarterly audits are done

Service schedules are in place and reports kept on file

Monitoring logs in place

Pesticide usage log on file

Unique Ventilation & Support Systems : Group SHE Co-ordinator From 2008-11 To 2011-08


The Health and Safety Team in providing a totally integrated Health and Safety function to the Company and to assist Management to embed a culture of Health and Safety excellence.

Balanced scorecard Pillars, Roles and Responsibilities


Assist with Cost forecasting

Ensure Corporate Governance

Ensure adherence to Financial Policies and Procedures

Protect Company assets


Render the right service first time

Manage relationship with key stakeholders

Interact with customers and familiarize myself with operational concerns and any inherent peculiarities (e.g. H&S issues)

Liaise with Government Authorities regarding Health and Safety Legal Requirements.

Liaise with Accreditation Bodies regarding H&S Requirements.

Internal Process

Health, Safety and Management:

Approve and ensure the use of any new or changed documentation taking into account HS and functional requirements.

Manage and Lead HS Performance Reviews

Review and authorize changes in accordance with the Management of Change process

Manage and Lead the Continuous Improvement and promote the understanding, use and application of the HS Management System

Lead Company’s Occupational Health Structures (Hygiene)

Identify applicable legislative requirements that have an impact on the function

Comply with HS Legislative and Functional Requirements

Ensure the effective management of contractors

Report and investigate all HS incidents

Ensure Workplace Safety Observations and Planned Task Observations are carried out.

Comply with the requirements of the Organisation’s Disciplinary Code

Manage and Lead Emergency Preparedness and Response within the Organisation

Ensure compliance with PPE requirements

Maintain safety file on sites

Liaise with and participate in Company’s HSE structures

Coordinate the integration of Company’s HS Management System and Processes

Implementing & Maintaining the fall protection plan & that the clients’ requirements are addressed.


Provide Strategic and Change Leadership to the Senior Management Team

Align strategy to customer business requirements

Align operations with corporate strategic direction

Policies and Procedures

Coordinate the development, alignment and implementation of HSE policies and procedures

OSH Act No.85 of 1993

Ensure compliance to Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

Participate and influence the development of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

Ensure Corporate Governance regarding Occupational Health and Safety issues

Audits, Reviews, Inspections and Performance Management:

Facilitate Company level HS Reviews, Internal Audits, Monitor and report closure on findings

Report the Company’s Health & Safety Performance and Progress on implementation of specific Health & Safety intervention to the Exco

Analyze Leading and Lagging indicators

Incidents Reporting and Investigation:

Review Company Recurring Incidents and communicate learning to all

Ensure the correct Reporting of all Incidents

Reporting to be done as per the Company’s Incidents/Accidents Reporting Procedure

Assist in appointment of safety representatives for all departments

Communicate changes in Safety and Environment legislation to Management

Evaluate incident forms, surveys, audits to establish root causes and together with Supervisors and Managers concerned, formulate a plan of action to correct non-compliant behaviour or conditions

Liaise with onsite contractors to ensure their compliance with Company safety regulations and adherence to safety standards, including basic safety induction training

Conduct surveys and audits as required to identify and minimise the risk to company and employees

Identify unsafe acts, conditions, and hazards,  investigate root causes and identify corrective and preventative actions and report to management

Co-ordinate two evacuation exercises (Fire Drills) per year to ensure that all staff become familiar with these procedures.

Assist with the formulation of emergency/contingency plans.


Worked on the MEDUPI POWER STATION PROJECT and I handled all the HSE Reporting that go to Kentz which ultimately go to GEA as Brokrew Industrial is a Sub-Contractor.

The day to day running of the HSE Department.

Compile Weekly, Monthly and Annual Reports 

Four Safety Officers that reports directly.

Thirty (30) Safety Reps.

Thirty Five First Aiders.

Fifty Fire Fighters.

First Aid Boxes

Weekly and Monthly checks

Stock Purchasing

Fire Fighting Equipment

Weekly and Monthly checks

My Key Performance Areas

Inspecting workplaces and investigate accidents, identify causes of ill-health and complaints

Inspecting workplaces to enforce safety laws

Examining ways to improve health and safety standards

Negotiating with managers and employees to provide a safe working environment

Maintaining health and safety programs and strategies

Keeping up to date with the law and technical knowledge

Writing reports.

13 main activities

This list is not exhaustive but it covers the most of my responsibilities as a Health and Safety Officer:

Develop, implement and maintain an effective program and ensure compliance to satisfy the requirements of local legislation (e.g. the OHS, COID and Environmental Acts)

Develop systems to ensure all employees comply with all relevant legal safety requirements

Identify safety training needs, organize and co-ordinate safety training courses and prepare training material where appropriate

Co-ordinate the monthly safety meeting to ensure that meetings times are set agendas are sent out

minutes are kept and sent out  all support documentation in respect of the safety program is received on time and in the correct format from all concerned parties

Assist in appointment of safety reps and First Aiders for all departments

Communicate changes in Safety and Environmental legislation to Management

Evaluate incident forms, surveys, and audits to establish root causes. And, together with Supervisors and managers concerned, formulate a plan of action to correct non-compliant behavior or conditions

Liaise with on-site contractors to ensure their compliance with Company safety regulations and adherence to safety standards, including basic safety induction training

Conduct surveys and audits as required to identify and minimize the risk to company and employees

Identify unsafe acts, conditions, and hazards, investigate root causes and identify corrective and preventative actions and report to management

Co-ordinate at least two evacuation exercises per year to ensure that all staff become familiar with these procedures

Assist with the formulation of emergency/contingency plans for:

Natural disasters

Industrial action

Political unrest



Bomb threats 

Review and update Emergency Procedures as and when necessary.

Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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