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Accsys Payroll Admin (Accsys Payroll Admin)

Candidate: 365972
Available: Available
Location: Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
Gender: Female
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Accsys Payroll Admin
VIP payroll
Grade 12:
ERP Basic, adaptibility, Business Plan Pro , Advance Ms Excel, Accfin, Accounting, Advance Microsoft Office
Hospitality  : Payroll Administrator From 2019-05 To 2019-09

Full VIP Premier function 





Maternity Leave 


Month End reports 


Employee Confirmation 

Job structure changes 

Imports and Exports for VIP to Excel 


Retail - Wholesale : Treasury Accountant From 2019-11 To 2021-01


Taking care of tax returns and making sure they're paid in time. Examining the accuracy of financial documents and where they stand with laws and regulations. Offering advice to organizations on how to reduce cost, improve their revenue, and boost profit. Finding and addressing any discrepancy in accounting.

provide a comprehensive account inventory at the item's retail price in order to detect losses, damages and theft of stock allowing small business owners to track costs, keep account of the goods you're buying or selling, know how much is left over

Computer hardware manufacturer  : Payroll Officer /HR Assistant From 2018-08 To 2018-10
  • VIP – completing of all the VIP functions e.g. any per diem’s, loans, savings, fine, petrol usage, Cell phone deductions, Making sure that all new employees have been loaded correctly by HR, etc.
  • ESS- Approving of all leave after managers have approved, making sure all claims are correctly applied for, making sure all sundry claims have slips, making sure any employment movement is fixed on ESS as well as loading payslips at the end of the month.
  • Log Books – receiving log book KM from the Office staff and loading them into an excel spreadsheet and then merging them off to the correct employee.
  • Cell phone deductions – Getting queries of whose cell phone was used for business and whose was used for personal and then deducting them accordingly.
  • Sales Comm – Receiving Sales invoices from Management loading them onto a Excel spread sheet and then adding the 15% and then going onto ACCPACC and fining the invoices for the employees and checking if they have VAT (if not removing the 15%), then going back to ACCPACC and making sure the invoices have been paid and if they have been paid, then paying the employee as per the spreadsheet.
  • Technical Comm – Receiving it from management and then loading them onto VIP.
  • Discovery – receiving the Discovery information from Discovery and loading the information onto VIP as per the sheet (Medical aid and Vitality as well as how many dependants they have and if the information changes then I need to change everything).
  • GroupLife – making sure GroupLife balances at the end of the month to the spreadsheet we receive.
  • 10X – Loading new employees on 10X (Pension fund).
  • Month End Reports – pulling all month end reports E.g. EMP201, Payslips, E&D, Recons, Grouplife, Medical Aid, 10X
  • ACCPACC – at the end of the month loading General ledgers onto ACCPACC, loading Travel deductions onto ACCPACC, as well as loading Sundry claims on ACCPACC.
  • Number of employees on the payroll - +- 300

Health  : Payroll Administrator From 2018-10 To 2019-04

Sage 300 People 

Alexander Forbes 


SARS ( getting employees tax numbers) 


Third party Payments 


Bakery : Cake Decorating From 2014-02 To 2014-03
  • Carving Cakes 
  • Making sculptures for the cakes 
  • Decorating the cakes

Electronics manufacturer : Wage Clerk From 2014-08 To 2018-07
  • Shaw Controls Wages – with expansion to other divisions in process.
  • Keep record of the Learner time sheets, overtime, sick leave and study requirements on ESS.
  • Monitor and forward the time sheets of the contractors at the divisions (including cleaner’s drivers, etc) and forward the information to the external service suppliers.
  • Capturing of sick notes, leave forms and Compassionate leave forms. 
  • Capturing of missing Hours onto Jarrison Times. 
  • Pulling hours from Bio Star into Jarrison Times. 
  • Printing of Time sheets and distributing them off to supervisors in the Factory. 
  • Recapturing of the time sheets once they have been completed. 
  • Import the hours on to VIP capture all overtime & absenteeism on VIP also capture changes to bank, donation savings, garnishee, staff loans, advances, insurance’s e.g. Sanlam, Liberty Life, Metropolitan, funeral policy e.g. Safrican, medical aid, maintenance order.
  • Prepare the weekly reports and create the bank file’s (net wages & savings)to send to Management for Payment and to update the Journal every week
  • Back up the weekly payroll before roll over to the next week.
  • Print the absenteeism for the week
  • Updating of the shift schedule.
  • Performing and submitting the Month End reports including Statutory, financial and Exco reports.
  • Weekly Analysis for submission to factory managers. 
  • Monthly Analysis for submission to factory managers and Exco.
  • YTD analysis for Monthly and Weekly. 
  • Industrial Council reporting for Weekly and Monthly. 
  • Returns for the weekly and Monthly (excel spreadsheet with all the Employees deductions). 
  • Excel spreadsheet Calculation of bonus and Leave pay. 
  • Creating journals based on the payroll. 
  • Reconciling of deductions and payments made from hourly paid employees. 
  • Loading of Sick notes on VIP.
  • Union and third-party feedback.
  • Reception Duty 
  • Answering the phone 
  • Helping the clients 
  • Admin and filing


2014/08/04 – 2014/08/29

  • Reception Duty 
  • Answering the phone 
  • Helping the clients 
  • Admin and filing
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs)
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