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Management in Sales, Operations or Services (Manufacturing)

Candidate: 43744
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Location: Tshwane (Pretoria)
Gender: Male
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Management in Sales, Operations or Services
Business Management,Trade Certificate/Artisan
Senior Management:Finance, Commercial, Management, Development
Business Management:Business Management, Finance, HR, Operations
Fitter and Turner (Trade Test Certificate):
Grade 12:English
Technical Drawing
Fitting & Turning
Ms Office, Ms Office, Filling, Microsoft Word, MS Excel, Salesforce, MS PowerPoint, LN BAAN, MS Publisher, MS Word, SAP, MS Outlook, Access, Microsoft
Manufacturing & Service : General Manager From 2023-08 To Current
  • Safety, Health & Quality optimization through design and Implementation of a Quality Manual.
  • Focus on and develop a positive in-house safety culture and drive implementation of safety programs for teams on site.
  • Internal Operational Cost reduction through Lean principles and staff management.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership at customer level!
  • Active leadership of direct and indirect employees through leading by example.
  • Design and execute sales & service delivery business models.
  • Run & Manage production facilities to ensure profitability and continuous improvement.
  • Drive staff engagement program to maintain a high retention rate of key personnel and high performers and drive development and or management of underperformers.
  • Oversee and manage the approval of pump tenders.
  • Manage and improve the Sales & Operational Process for strategic alignment.
  • Budget & Budget Planning for Sales and Operations
  • Maintain a management presence on all customer sites.
  • Build on market intelligence to improve competitive edge.
  • Deliver and maintain reliability engineering strategies and plans to customers.
  • Full P&L Responsibility

Manufacturing & Engineering : General Manager From 2013-10 To 2023-07
  • Developed and executed the regional business strategy in alignment with the Group business strategy.
  • Led the execution of proactive internal and external customer service excellence strategies to enable regional and global scalability.
  • Responsible for achieving sustainable growth, profitability, cash flow, and other business goals and objectives for various functions like Safety, Health, Environment, Risk, and Quality, Human Resources, Supply Chain, Production, Operations, Finance and Marketing
  • Provided strategic direction and leadership for Sales, Services and Rentals divisions while overseeing day-to-day operations for the same functions servicing the region.
  • Took charge of people, processes, and technology capabilities, emphasizing reporting and continuous improvement for efficient, effective, timely, consistent, predictable, and reliable quality outputs and services.
  • Provided strategic leadership to ensure a continuous supply of aftermarket spares and finished goods, aligning with the geographical growth strategy of the business.
  • Fostered a corporate culture that promotes ethical practices, customer focus, and service excellence, emphasizing individual integrity to maintain a positive ethical work climate conducive to attracting, retaining, and motivating a diverse group of high-performing employees.
  • Ensured the execution of governance, risk, and compliance frameworks for Production, Supply Chain, HR, Health & Safety, Marketing, and Operations, including policies, processes, and procedures aligned with group strategies.
  • Maintain and build on customer relationships through strategic sales visits and support.
  • Build and manage a Pump Rentals Division with a focus on dewatering services.
  • Designed Sales & Service strategies and executed their implementation.
  • Developed strategic service plans for global service operations.
  • Achieved revenue growth in alignment with the global and regional strategic plan.
  • Took responsibility for service and sales revenue forecasting and revenue targets.
  • Implemented new business initiatives to stimulate revenue growth.
  • Identified and pursued process optimization opportunities within the region.
  • Conducted negotiations for aftermarket and service contracts
  • Develop and enhance engineering capabilities within service and sales operations in the region.
  • Geographic service and sales expansion through business development opportunities.
  • Formulate and maintained aftermarket strategies for repeat business from the customer base.
  • Led solutions and optimization projects at both internal and customer levels.
  • Managed customer expectations for both OE (Original Equipment) and aftermarket business.
  • Identified competitive threats in the market and devised strategies to counter them.
  • Established a competitive advantage through the implementation of product and service strategies.
  • Provided regular reporting on the financial status of the service and sales division to align with company KPIs.
  • Championed on-time delivery, availability, and lean principles throughout the business.
  • Oversaw performance management of branch employees.
  • Evaluated the geographic footprint with an emphasis on sustainability and efficiency.
  • High level sales engagement with strategic key customers

Manufacturing & Engineering : Managing Director From 2012-03 To 2013-09
  • Managed the comprehensive operations of the Pump & Irrigation division, overseeing wholesale, mining, domestic, and industrial sectors, aligning with our business model across South Africa.
  • Provided strategic direction to the branch, guiding it to achieve requisite sales and gross profit (GP) targets while ensuring overall profitability.
  • Orchestrated the integration of key business functions to foster overall success and facilitate business growth.
  • Implemented and enforced inventory models to optimize replenishment cycles, aligning with sales strategies to ensure on-time deliveries and product availability.
  • Conducted a detailed analysis of monthly income statements and business ratios, subsequently reporting findings to the DAWN Board.
  • Developed, planned, and implemented procedures and systems designed to maximize operating efficiency.
  • Effectively communicated and embodied the company's Core Values, building trust and respect among peers and staff, while fostering strong teams and partnerships to drive results.
  • Established, drove, and managed sales and expense budgets in strict accordance with the strategic objectives of the company and the broader group.
  • Selling the groups’ value proposition to the existing customer base and expand our current business.

Commercial Irrigation : Regional Manager From 2010-01 To 2012-02
  • Led the Sales & Branch Management of South African Sales Operations, overseeing branches in Bloemfontein, Cape Town (CT), Durban (DBN), Port Elizabeth (PE), and Gauteng, with a primary focus on achieving revenue and working capital targets.
  • Strategically developed market segments to introduce and promote the company's products and services effectively.
  • Took charge of driving and overseeing key strategic business initiatives within the region, aligning them with company objectives.
  • Maintained and nurtured relationships with key accounts throughout the region to ensure client satisfaction and business growth.
  • Demonstrated intensive capabilities in People Management, Project Management, Tenders, and inventory models.
  • Sales & Operational Budget Planning for the South African Region

Mechanical Engineering : Business Development Manager From 2007-12 To 2010-05
  • Develop and Manage Jet Float in South Africa: As a part of my responsibilities, I led the development and management of Jet Float operations in South Africa. This involved introducing and establishing Jet Float products in both the leisure and industrial markets within the region. My role encompassed strategizing market penetration, product positioning, and fostering brand presence.
  • Import and Export Functions: Managing the import and export functions was crucial to ensure a seamless supply chain for Jet Float products. I oversaw the logistics and operations involved in importing the product from Austria and efficiently distributing it to various locations across Africa. This encompassed duties such as customs clearance, transportation, and quality control to maintain product integrity.
  • Compile and Manage Annual Sales Budgets: Part of my responsibilities was to compile and meticulously manage annual sales budgets. This entailed a detailed analysis of expected revenue, cost projections, and resource allocation. Effective budget management was crucial in maintaining financial stability and supporting the growth of Jet Float operations in South Africa.
  • Measurement of Sales Growth: I consistently monitored and measured sales growth against predefined targets and key performance indicators (KPIs). By tracking sales metrics, I could assess the effectiveness of our market strategies, identify trends, and make data -driven decisions to optimize sales performance and achieve desired growth objectives.
  • Market Intelligence Gathering: Gathering market intelligence was an integral aspect of my role. This involved conducting research to gain insights into market trends, customer preferences, and competitor activities. The gathered intelligence informed our strategic decisions, product development, pricing strategies, and positioning within the leisure and industrial markets.
  • Sales Administration: Efficient sales administration was critical to ensuring a streamlined and customer-centric experience. I managed various administrative tasks, including order processing, customer inquiries, invoicing, and documentation. This attention to detail and organization contributed to overall customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • In summary, my role in Jet Float management encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, from market development and import/export operations to financial planning and market intelligence. These duties were all intricately connected, and their successful execution was essential for the growth and success of Jet Float in South Africa

Manufacturing : Client Service Manager, Sales & Service Technician From 2001-01 To 2007-11
  • Managing the Function of the Alrode Branch and All Its Resources: This role entailed comprehensive oversight of the Alrode branch, including its facilities, equipment, personnel, and day-to-day operations. Effective management ensured that the branch functioned efficiently, with resources optimally allocated and operational processes streamlined.
  • Managing and Driving Revenue Targets for the Area: My responsibility included setting, monitoring, and achieving revenue targets for the designated area. This involved a multifaceted approach, combining strategic planning, market analysis, pricing strategies, and sales team management to maximize revenue generation and profitability.
  • Expansion of Service Capabilities in Africa: As part of the strategic vision, I focused on expanding service capabilities across Africa. This initiative aimed to establish a broader geographical footprint for our services, enhancing customer reach and support. It involved market assessments, resource allocation, and the establishment of service centers in key locations.
  • Managing Research & Development Workshop: The Research & Development (R&D) Workshop played a pivotal role in innovation and product development. Under my management, the workshop was responsible for several critical functions: Pump Testing: Ensuring that newly developed or existing pump products met performance specifications and quality standards through rigorous testing.
  • New Product Development: Facilitating the creation and prototyping of new products, enhancing the company's product portfolio.
  • Pump Performance Testing and Curve Verification: Verifying pump performance curves for accuracy and reliability, crucial for engineering and customer reference.
  • New Material Development and Testing: Researching and testing new materials to improve product durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Setting Up Service Center Network Across South Africa: A key strategic initiative was the establishment of a network of service centers throughout South Africa. This involved identifying strategic locations, procuring resources, and setting up service hubs to provide prompt and efficient services to clients. It facilitated pump maintenance, repairs, installations, commissioning, and fault finding.

Mining : Fitter and Turner From 1994-01 To 2000-12
  • Maintenance and Repairs: As a Fitter and Turner in the mining industry, my primary responsibility was to ensure the reliable operation of mining machinery and mineral processing equipment. This encompassed a range of critical duties aimed at maintaining equipment in optimal working condition and promptly addressing any issues that arose.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: I conducted routine and scheduled maintenance tasks to prevent equipment breakdowns and ensure uninterrupted mining operations. This involved tasks such as inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, and replacing worn components as part of preventive maintenance programs.
  • Repairs and Troubleshooting: In addition to scheduled maintenance, I was responsible for diagnosing and repairing equipment faults. This required a deep understanding of the machinery's mechanical systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical components. I used a variety of tools and diagnostic equipment to identify issues and implement effective repairs.
  • Welding and Machining: I possessed expertise in welding and machining processes, allowing me to fabricate and repair components when needed. This involved tasks such as welding broken parts, machining custom components, and ensuring the precise fit and alignment of machinery parts.
  • Parts Replacement: When equipment components reached the end of their service life, I coordinated and executed the replacement of these parts. This included sourcing and procuring the required spare parts, ensuring they met quality standards, and installing them with precision.
  • Safety Compliance: Safety was paramount in the mining environment. I adhered to all safety protocols and guidelines while performing maintenance and repair tasks. This included wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and following lockout/tagout procedures to ensure the safety of both me and the mining team.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Accurate record-keeping was a crucial part of my role. I maintained detailed records of all maintenance and repair activities, including dates, equipment details, work performed, and any replacement parts used. I also reported any major issues or potential improvements to the maintenance supervisor or management.
  • Collaboration: Effective communication and collaboration with other maintenance team members, engineers, and mine operators were essential. This ensured that maintenance tasks were well-coordinated, downtime was minimized, and equipment was back in operation as quickly as possible
Tshwane (Pretoria)
Ekurhuleni (East Rand),Johannesburg (Incl. Northern Suburbs),Tshwane (Pretoria),Johannesburg South,Johannesburg (West Rand),Johannesburg,International
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