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Process Engineer. Production Manager. Improvement Manager. Technical Manager. Health and Safety Manager- WCM (Manufacturing. FMCG. Food Industry. Automotive. Pulp and Paper. Fertilizer.)

Candidate: 70864
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Male
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Process Engineer. Production Manager. Improvement Manager. Technical Manager. Health and Safety Manager- WCM
R70000- R120000
30 Days
MBA and B Sc. (Engineering) (Chemical)
B Sc. (Chemical Engineering):Final Year Design: Process Plant for Olefins from a mixture of water, ethanol and propanol.
Final Year Project: Nucleation and Growth of Ammonium MetaVanadate

Master of Business Administration:Project Management, Innovation and Change Management, Financial strategy, Strategy Formulation and Implementation.
Risk Compliance Management:Compliance - Faculty of Law
Supply Chain Excellence:Supply Chain Management During Disruptions. Lean Inventory and Warehouse Management.
Grade 12:Setswana,English,Afrikaans,Mathematics,Physical Science,Biology
COID Act, Internet, Lotus Notes, MTBF, Statistical Analysis, MS Projects, QC, Lean Sigma, MS Excel, CAPEX, OHS Act, E-Mail, Microsoft, TQM, SAP, MS Outlook, FMEA, FMCG Mainframe, Social Media, MS Word, Visio, Windows (basic), Autocad, QS 9000, R & D, MS Explorer, MS PowerPoint
Consumer Products - FMCG : Plant Excellence Manager From 2022-02 To Current
  • Drive foundation pillars for zero incidents in SHE, Quality and 5S Pillars.
  • Entrenched a gemba morning walkabout culture (08:00) with change to shopfloor alignment, accountability and improved morale. Good Housekeeping look and feel improvement.
  • Develop and drive MECP masterplan performance defined by CoE handbooks on site to improve OEE performance and Excellence Maturity. Improved from 49% to 60% and 21% to 62%, respectively in a year.
  • Coaching site Pillar leads including on Marsh Insurance Risk Management compliance.
  • Lead plant performance monitoring, deviation tracking, management, and cost and OEE loss improvements/eliminate top losses using structed Focused Improvement Root Cause Analysis problem solving tools (A3/8D/YY/10 STEP).
  • Generate and report MECP maturity performance and drive site improvement through cluster benchmarking to Centre of Excellence.
  • Lead and facilitate shopfloor involvement in standard routines, AM, RCA, and MECP awareness for advanced manufacturing practices adoption.
  • Collaboration and alignment with other Site MECP managers for benchmarking and best practise.
  • Drive process optimization engineering sustainability and quality through PMC Pillar coaching maturity of 73% from 39%. Work procedure standardization leading to faster start-up & checks, and changeover with minimal variability.
  • Streamline supply chain production planning and alignment with forecast and disruption management.
  • Ensure shopfloor understand their role in excellence by managing deviations and tracking performance against target.

Manufacturing : Production Manager From 2019-01 To 2022-01
  • Ensures safety of employees and drive productivity through Quality performance monitoring (Improved First Time Right and reduced batch adjustments).
  • Reduced batch manufacturing time, reducing quality defects (internally and at customer) while maintaining high quality specification.
  • Ensures production plan achievement through data analysis of bottlenecks and using A3 and Human Error Root Cause Analysis (HERCA) problem solving tools for root cause analysis.
  • Improved within a year following KPIs: OEE, FTR, UPC, Customer Complains and internal non-conformances.
  • Extensive training of production supervisors and operators using the OSDP 2.0. to improve their personal productivity and decision making.
  • Eliminated excessive downtime for cost saving (R1.9 mil) and for employee wellbeing (health and safety, rest).
  • Believe and at on visible manager on the floor philosophy and interact with operators. I encourage employee engagement through frequent and transparent incident reporting for immediate correction.
  • Adopt informed, data prioritized and project management approach to performance improvement for maximum benefit.
  • Results focused on reducing unit processing costs and lean using TIMWOOD approach.
  • Look for tested engineering best practices for adoption with benefits to solve plant problems.

Manufacturing of Construction Products : Operations Manager - Senior From 2013-11 To 2018-04
  • Conducted Continuous improvement projects: R7.7-mil, 2014; R13.2 cumulative].
  • Eliminate process variations to meet process control plan through statistical control and Cost Deployment stratification process.
  • Project selection through stratification and process mapping is used.
  • Emphasise loss identification and problem phenomenon understating before trouble-shooting haphazardly.
  • Improve process efficiencies, increase availability, increased plant throughput and yield.
  • Reduce production costs and eliminates waste through focused project selection and resource deployment.
  • Improved calcinations energy efficiency through management of change improvements. Brakpan conical kettle on top of benchmarking report.
  • Frequently use WCM techniques of Kaizen and One Point Lessons to effect immediate and sustainable change and sharing of new knowledge.
  • People Development is the heart of WCM in creating and sharing knowledge through involvement/engagement.
  • Assist production with daily production trouble-shooting (by seeking the root cause)
  • Trains and mentors engineers and employees on best engineering practises and meeting benchmark standards.
  • Uses data-based project appraisal techniques, seeking to use available budget monies without dependence on capex.
  • Liaise with production, engineering and safety in process improvement operation.
  • Liaise with costing accountant to focus improvements to reduce unit cost of production.
  • Conducts weekly safety and process walkabouts while tagging and troubleshooting abnormalities


Technical SHEAR Manager- WCM EHSR Pillar Owner
October 2016 – April 2018

Manufacturing of Starch, Glucose and related products : Process Engineering Manager (3Plants) From 2009-03 To 2013-10
  • Total projects in four years costs R 42 million.
  • Responsible for continuous improvement projects, including Material Usage, Throughput/Wet-milling Process, Set-up time reduction and Labor Reduction whereby automation and/or other means are used to improve ergonomic/ workflow streamlining.
  • Develops and implements Automation for the Plant (DCS).
  • Identifies key bottlenecks and implements solutions in the areas of cost reduction utilizing database driven resources such as Efficiency, Downtime, Material, and Changeover Reporting.
  • Represents the Plant in all cooperative joint efforts with Corporate as the point person
  • Supports and drives Quality and process improvement initiatives (e.g. HACCP, e-mark, GMP).
  • Supports and provides leadership in chemical/process engineering training gap analysis.
  • Provides coaching and mentoring for junior engineers with around four or more years experience for their personal performance improvement.
  • Responsible for safety of all employees within department
  • Evaluates employee performance and conducts counselling sessions/discipline as needed; Conducts Interviews; monitors attendance of department; Responsible for directing work groups and developing talent.
  • Ensure mill sections are running efficiently and optimally. Increase uptime through data analysis and data mining.
  • Ensure that production processes and process systems are further optimized
  • Set process standards, which includes process control and process “Best Practises” by auditing existing and new Best Practise.
  • Facilitate/support problem solving and root cause identification in the technical and production departments, formulate and implement corrective and preventative action.
  • Give project support by doing feasibility studies, financial justifications, scope identification, process designs, Hazops, including implementation.
  • Ensure environmental compliance as Environmental representative.
  • Compiles reports in accordance with the above-mentioned for justification and future use

Engineering : Project Process Enginer From 2008-03 To 2009-02
  • Responsible for design sizing of the PBMR nuclear reactor cooling system and drafting of piping and instrumentation diagrams on MS Visio and Smartplant software.

Chemical and petrochemical company : Senior Process Engineer From 2006-07 To 2006-12
  • Lead and implement technology transfer.
  • Projects and continual process development
  • Commissioning and ensuring of proper functioning of all process equipments.
  • Electronic data processing and analysis
  • Process and Equipment Utilization management.
  • Enhance total quality management
  • Perform standby duties
  • Acts in the absence of the Slurry Preparation Leader.
  • Liaise with process technicians and supervisors for smooth and on time process and production delivery.
  • Interacts with other departments (e.g. laboratory) for on time product delivery to the next section/department. 

Manufacturers of high quality low-chlorine and chlorine-free paper grades for office communication. : Environmental Process Engineer From 2006-01 To 2006-6


  • Monitor environmental parameters (waste water, air emissions and losses through drains)
  • Interacts with units’ managers to ensure compliance of operation with legal emission levels, ISO 14001 and TQM system.
  • Initiated deviation requests and process investigation, in collaboration with process operators’ input.
  • Analysing technical problems relating to environmental issues, and implement current technological solutions. (Environmental problems arise from process instability!)
  • Prepare engineering work scope, and coordinate construction/commissioning.
  • Optimise commissioning and operations of sludge and secondary effluent plants.
  • Provides general process engineering expertise / input during multi-disciplinary problem solving teams.
  • Interact with community and provide swift feedback on environmental complaints (odour)
  • Prepares weekly and monthly performance report.

Production of coated fine paper and chemical cellulose worldwide : Senior Process Engineer From 2006-12 To 2008-02
  • Ensure mill sections are running efficiently and optimally.
  • Ensure that production processes and process systems are further optimized
  • Set process standards, which includes process control and process “Best Practises” by auditing existing and new Best Practise.
  • Facilitate/support problem solving and root cause identification in the technical and production departments, formulate and implement corrective and preventative action.
  • Give project support by doing feasibility studies, financial justifications, scope identification, process designs, HAZOP, etc.
  • Ensure environmental compliance as Environmental representative. 

Brewery : Materials Planning Manager From 2004-03 To 2005-11

Materials Planning Manager 

  • Brewing material requirement plans, logistics and storage plans for 7 national breweries.
  • Weekly stock monitoring to ensure smooth production
  • Maintain strategic supplier relationships, with 9 suppliers
  • Manage Supplier performance measurement and development
  • Influence priority supply and change brewing recipes based on demand and supply of malt.
  • Manage personnel (Packaging material coordinator and raw material controllers) 
  • Reduce write-offs on NPD material and making them available on time
  • Provide regular feedback with suppliers and clients
  • Provide updated forecasts to suppliers and support project launches with material being available at the right time (and at the right quantity).

Technical Management  - Brewing Management Trainee and Team leader

  • Brewing monitoring and optimization from process deviation.
  • Influence shifts and assists them in meeting their production targets
  • Entrench SHE in the workplace and updated best operating procedures
  • HACCP application during process overview and redesign
  • Beer tasting and flavour stability. (Product quality assurance)
  • Project Management: work
  • Raw material transfer losses (liquid adjunct, R650, 000) using Six sigma methodology, certified greenbelt.
  • Data management for problem solving and decision making
  • Fermenter temperature probes – To ensure even temperature throughout the fermenter eliminating local hot and cold spots. I was offering engineering expertise.
  • Hop pots commissioning– this will ensure automation and eliminate human intervention in the addition of this vital nutrient in beer
  • Weekly brewing management operational meetings, where liaised with shopfloor

Consumer Products - FMCG : Process Engineer From 2003-06 To 2004-02
  • Formulated solutions to technical problems using Total Production Manufacturing pillar of Continuous Improvement, (Improved efficiency from 62% to +80% while meeting the production target 100%, new challenge was to maintain this) [troubleshooting]
  • This reduced downtime with possible savings of R50,000 (in three months)
  • Ensured proper and safe operation of equipment, co-ordinating change management
  • Improved working ergonomics
  • Had direct involvement in HACCP application, and a permanent HACCP team member (as process engineer)
  • Implemented GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Ensured product quality control and assurance with acquiring the SABS e-mark standard.
  • Quantity Dosing monitored more frequently than ever.
  • Actual saving of R1.67-mil in seven (7) months
  • Achieved e-mark on the first audit
  • Statistical process control
  • Data management for optimization and decision making
  • Change agent in other non-core tasks.

Fertilizer industry : Chemical Process Engineer From 2000-11 To 2003-05
  • Process Monitoring and Optimization
  • Developed PID’s and PFD’s
  • Full factory steam and ammonia systems
  • Managed and conducted Hazard Analysis and Operability studies for any modification through to implementation
  • Influence shifts and assists them in meeting their production targets
  • Entrench good safety, health and environment in the workplace
  • Led new product research and development of Animal Nutrition MonoCalcium Phosphate, and piloted first production that landed the company in the new niche market. New revenue from MCP improved bottom line – more than R1.2-million per month.
  • Process plant problem solving and optimization
  • Downtime minimization (and prioritization), supporting production teams meet their targets
  • Increased Phosphorus conversion at Supers Plant (from 60% to 74% with huge cash savings)
  • Data management for optimization, statistical process control and decision making
  • Effluent reduction and management projects (that resulted in six semi-permanent unskilled labour jobs)
  • Supervision of erection and commissioning of new Magnesium Nitrate plant.
  • Broad knowledge in steam systems and their auxiliary unit optimization
  • Last two project were worth +R 850,000 (year 2002)
  • Total amount of projects done for Omnia yielded >R 4.7-million in the two and a half years  was with them. (Excluding Mono Calcium Phosphate)
  • Total career project yield (Up 2006), is more than >R 30-million. (excl. mono calcium sulphate) 
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Johannesburg (West Rand)
Not Known
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