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Production Manager (Production Manager)

Candidate: 969
Available: Available
Location: Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Gender: Male
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Production Manager
BSc Honours Industrial Technology
Diploma in Production Management:Production Management
BSc (Hons) Industrial Technology & Management:Industrial Technology & Management
Certificate - NTC 4:
Master management Diploma:Advance Management
Qualified - Fitter:Trade Test - With Red Seal
Grade 12:English,Afrikaans,N Sotho ,Maths, Science,MechanoTec
ISO 9000, MS Outlook, Windows, JD Edwards, MS PowerPoint, Windows (basic), MS Access, MS Word, E-Mail, MS Excel, SAP, Microsoft, MS Projects, Internet, MS Explorer, Syspro
Manufactured depilatory wax strips - FMCG: Operations Manager From 2021-04 To Current
  • Management of production team, including supply chain administrative support SHEQ and mechanical support staff.
  • Managing Production KPI’s inter alia waste, overtime, people resources etc.
  • Develop monthly and weekly plan for the operations
  • Draft and manage both Yearly operations Budget and capex.
  • Responsible for Operations recovery plan.
  • Maintain business targets on time in full
  • Develop and manage continuous improvement plans to reduce plant losses
  • Responsible in managing the plant assets including machinery.
  • Manage Production Teams including training
  • Asses and recommend equipment requirements to the MD.
  • Responsible for Health and safety.
  • Chair monthly production efficiency meetings.
  • Ensure correct completion of production and manufacturing reports.
  • Responsible for Tactical to Strategic Management of Production Operations.
  • Formulate yearly strategic plan for the operations.
  • Accountable drafting the factory budget and capex.
  • Custodian of the quality circle forum
  • Manage customer OTD and coordinate customer liaison

Research: Engineering and Maintenance Planner From 2019-07 To 2019-11
  • Planning and Managing of quarterly maintenance shutdown for hydrofluoric acid plant
  • Creation of shutdown plan
  • Liaison with engineering stores for ordering of spares
  • Responsible for the Asset care activities of the Pelchem plant
  • Ensure fulfilment of all chemical plant statutory compliance.
  • Generating of weekly maintenance plan for the plant
  • Capturing and creating of maintenance plan on Coswinsystem
  • Generating of weekly maintenance performance review report and presentation to the executive committee.
  • Managing and ensuring proper execution of maintenance shutdown.
  • Accountable for maintenance budget
  • Ensure maintenance and upgrades on the CMMS
  • Review and contact post-mortem on shutdown activities.
  • Raise request for quotes to supply chain for actioning
  • Liaise with different statutory bodies for compliance activation.

Paper & Paper Products Manufacturing: Factory Manager From 2019-12 To 2020-11
  • Manage factory, stores, quality, maintenance, Healthand safety and supply chain.
  • Ensure implementation of Iso 9000:15
  • Accountable for Factory recoveries and budget.
  • Set production targets for the factory
  • Draft budget and capex justification for the factory
  • Generate daily factory Production dashboard
  • Do quarterly stocktakes
  • Liaise with sales in terms of their requirements
  • Check and action backorder requirement s versus production orders.
  • Communicate with suppliers in terms of delivery lead for raw materials
  • Attend executive meeting daily to present progress report on factory efficiencies.
  • Monitor daily factory attendance and manage overtime.
  • Deal with day to day factory IR issues.
  • Do on job training for the factory staff.
  • Recruit and train new staff.
  • Up date daily factory Production dashboard
  • Manage contract labour on site
  • Appointed OHSACT 16(2) for the Spartan site.
  • Manage factory key process indicators

Cosmetics: Engineering and Maintenance Supervisor From 2017-11 To 2019-01
  • Managing maintenance of packaging and filling machines.
  • Reporting and analysis of plant performance on Shop-ware.
  • Report on OEE and machine availability on daily basis
  • Assignment and creation of planned maintenance Schedules.
  • Sourcing of Machinery and Plant spares.
  • Management of artisans both electrical and mechanical.
  • Implementation of continuous improvement.
  • Project Management and shutdown planning.
  • Budget allocation and drafting for the Engineering department.
  • Accountable for maintenance budget.
  • Responsible for training apprentices and Learners.
  • Overall Asset care management.
  • In charge of monthly maintenance budget tracking and monitoring to prevent over spending.
  • Responsible for both the factory and Warehouse buildings maintenance.
  • Accountable for Planned Maintenance Program for the Factory and Warehouse.
  • Daily liaison and management of outside contractors.
  • Ensuring of completion of contractors Risk assessments documentation.
  • Daily and Monthly Engineering report writing.
  • Approval and signing of Supplier invoices.
  • Appointed safety permits controller.
  • Accountable for training artisan on Shopware utilisation.
  • Responsible for facilities management.
  • Train apprentices

Consumer Products - FMCG: Production Manager From 2016-04 To 2016-11
  • Management of food production Department with120 people.
  • Ensure health and safety.
  • Compile hourly and daily Product in reports.
  • Allocate resources for the department.
  • Manage day to day IR and HR issues.
  • Perform weekly GMP audits.
  • Ensure daily, weekly and monthly production targets are met against the MPS.
  • Manage sick leave and absenteeism in the Department.
  • Manage the processing area to achieve it s daily target.
  • Adhere to set quality standard and monitor quality parameters on hourly basis.
  • Signoff all Quality packs daily and corrects any deviations immediately.
  • Plan monthly production and long term goals for the department.
  • Justify Capex and ensure the department does not go over allocated budget.
  • Responsible for time keeping and management of overtime.
  • Participated in Continuous improvement initiatives
  • Plan and organise for the next shift.
  • Do handover to the next shift prior the start of the shift.
  • Liaison with quality, safety and buying department on daily basis.

Packaging: Production Superintendent From 2016-12 To 2017-10
  • Manage activities of a beverage Can manufacturing line to achieve EMU, Quality, reduce spoilage, cost optimization objective.
  • Implement and promote WCM initiative in the production area
  • Ensure full compliance to HSE objectives in line with ISO 14001, 2200 and OHSAS 18001 programs in the operation.
  • Support the lines to ensure that production adheres to set quality standard.
  • Achieve efficiency and spoilage targets in order to produce cost effective cans.
  • Maintain machine availability and lost time within target.
  • Drive Autonomous Maintenance and Visual Management.
  • Manage the usage of material, consumables and labour within the set standard.
  • Attract, retain and develop talent to ensure availability of required skills.
  • Manage team performance and ensure accountability by the team members.
  • Support and sustain operational world class practices aligned with Can Do Excellence.
  • Ensure business policies are adhered to.
  • Ensuring continuous review of processes and systems in line with the Quality Management System.
  • Manage daily IR issues on shift.
  • Implement TPM and train team members on the concept and roll out to other teams
  • Ensure Lean initiatives are rewarded in conjunction with evident effort and projects.

Mining Industry: Shift Leader-Capital Projects. From 2013-06 To 2015-10

Shift Leader Capital Projects
January 2014 to October 2010

  • Management of the Mining Vibrating screens, Cyclones, pinch valves and Exciters department.
  • Signing off of the completed units
  • Accountable for the monthly production recoveries 
  • Conduct daily production meetings in the screens department.
  • Attend daily Operations meeting.
  • Responsible for the product quality and the on time delivery.
  • Ensure daily production target is achievable.
  • Liaise daily with quality department about any deviations that affect the product quality.
  • Attend morning slotting Lean meetings.
  • Participate in weekly Project hand-over meetings
  • Participate on daily LEAN projects.
  • In charge of the Health, Safety and Environmental for the department
  • Participate in ISO 9000 audits.
  • Implement ISO 9000.
  • Appointed as the section 8 for the health and safety.
  • Draft weekly plan for Screens department.
  • Draft and implement quality assurance programs.
  • Verify Engineering Drawings.
  • Liaise with planning department on daily basis on parts shortages experienced on the production floor.
  • Complete daily production monitoring forms.
  • Implement and monitor 5s for screens department.
  • Responsible for closing quality non-conformances for screens department.
  • Manage engineering changes on the drawings and ensure correct drawing revisions are sent to the production floor.


JIT Pull System Manager
June 2013 to December 2013

  • Manage of the JIT Pull system.
  • Perform supplier audits and physical stock count to ensure the correct Kanban bin levels.
  • Monitor supplier performance levels.
  • Ensure that buyers place orders on parts required as per demand.
  • Responsible for ensuring that branch parts availability is maintained to the required standard.
  • Analysis of the Pull system reports in order to take corrective action when necessary.
  • Managing of the parts stockouts and critical parts list
  • Revising the plan types in order to ensure they are allocated correctly.
  • Ensure expediting of parts shortages by Buyers.
  • Attend the slotting meetings daily to keep track of both Kanban and Two Bin shortages.
  • Monitor of the spares orders on daily basis.
  • Management of the supplier on time delivery rating
  • Maintenance of the Pull System takt and lead-time
  • Sourcing alternatives when current suppliers cannot perform to the required standard.
  • Ensure that suppliers understand how the Kanban system works.

Supplier of Engineered Support Solutions to the Mining & Geotechnical Industries: Manufacturing Manager From 2009-03 To 2013-04

In charge of a manufacturing plant with 138 people.
Manage the Stores, Buying, Maintenance and SHEQ departments.
Participate in the interviews and selection of the new recruits.
Daily liaison with the Sales department on progress of the orders and ensuring they manufactured to standard required.
Handle the day-to-day factory IR issues.
Hold monthly meeting with the union.
Compile the production plan and schedule for the plant.
Control weekly forecast on production.
Responsible for the product quality and the reduction of quality non-conformances.
Hold weekly Production and sales meetings.
Ensure implementation of Innovation and continuous improvement programs.
Justify and implement the factory budget and the capital expenditure.
Appointed OHSACT (16)2 and GMR2 for the plant.
Ensure plant runs at the required efficiency of 95%
Draft and control factory budget.
Implementation of 20-keys
Plan and allocate resources
Manage and coordinate all related departments.
Responsible for achieving of the company mission.
Management, analysis and updating of the Risk profile for the Geotech Factory.

May 2013: Seeking Employment

Pharmaceutical - Healthcare: Plant / Operations Manager From 2006-2 To 2009-02
  • In charge of a chemical manufacturing plant and laboratory.
  • Supervision and management of 20 Production staff members i.e. Forklift Drivers, 8 manufacturing / Logistic Staff, Lab Analysts, Packaging Inspectors.
  • Recruitment includes conducting interviews for new staff members and compile job specifications.
  • Quality Management Representative for the plant and conversant with implementation and maintenance of ISO 9000 system.
  • Maintain and plan budget for the organization.
  • Report weekly to Grace corporate in Europe about the plant situation in South Africa.
  • In charge of IR and HR issues.
  • Compilation of production schedules and plans
  • Liaise with sales department, customers and compile a 3 months forecast to ensure that production is calculated according to the demand.
  • Make recommendations for plant capacity improvement and CAPEX to Europe.
  • Hold conference calls every Monday with the operations Director in UK.
  • Liaise with the union on labour matters.
  • Responsible for adjusting the chemical formulations.
  • Ensure optimization of the plant capacity.
  • Accountable for the implementation of the Work-study techniques for the production plant.
  • Compile monthly production report.
  • Responsible for Raw Material planning.
  • Monitor material variances and ensure distribution and logistics of raw material and finished goods.
  • Responsible for purchasing of material and stock.
  • Maintain inventory within the stipulated target.
  • Set targets for the manufacturing plant for the year.
  • Initiating and supervising value engineering projects.
  • Implementation of Six Sigma Project (Production circle-time Reduction)
  • In charge of Six Sigma project in Grace Africa.
  • Implementation and Training of Lean Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement.
  • Monitor both manufacturing and Purchasing Variances in Spartan Plant.
  • Ensure plant runs at 100% efficiency.
  • Responsible for fleet management and transport logistics.
  • Responsible for packaging and dispatch of the production, in charge of production process from raw material to dispatch.
  • Involved in a process of raising ECR, (Engineering Change Request on equipment and Formulations.
  • Authorisation of all plant raw-material both local and import.
  • Responsible for implementation and monitoring of OSHACT.
  • Measuring performance on daily/weekly/monthly target levels

Cosmetics: Plant & Production Manager From 2002-12 To 2006-01
  • Responsible for a production unit with 147 employees on shift basis.
  • Allocated resources to planned production.
  • Compiled production schedules.
  • Validation of production plan weekly.
  • Ensured production plan realisation for the unit.
  • Gather and recorded production figures for statistics reporting purposes, reported on outputs on a daily basis.
  • Managing the operational process for brands in order to process orders on time.
  • In charge of departmental safety.
  • Compiled and ensured timorous monthly reporting to the Industrial Director.
  • Industrial Relations: liaised with the union regarding the organized labour issues.
  • Compiled machine budgets and standard times.
  • Planned machine maintenance i.e. checked on automated maintenance software, received alerts for machine maintenance schedules and allocated maintenance artisans.
  • Responsible for the production of 4 Million units per month.
  • Responsible person for any production plan changes.
  • GMP custodian.
  • Responsible for safety and health (SHEQ).
  • Co-ordination of machine Change-overs and formulations changes.
  • Participate in Research and Development meetings.
  • Liaise with customers in terms of Product non-conformances and correction.
  • Responsible for annual and quarterly stock-take.
  • In charge of pickers and warehouse staff on shift.

Consumer Products - FMCG: Production Manager From 2000-07 To 2002-11
  • Managing production lines with 160 subordinates
  • Allocating resources to planned production
  • Monitoring production to ensure targets are met
  • Implementing disciplinary procedures when required
  • Maintaining sound relations between management and unionised workforce
  • Maintaining health, safety and hygiene standards within factory
  • Training and improving the working knowledge of all personnel re -
  • quality, safety and hygiene to ensure high NOSA / HASLAC rating
  • Maintaining good industrial relations
  • Monitoring quality at all stages on continuous basis and random intervals
  • to ensure quality is constantly maintained and machinery is efficiently utilized
  • Works shifts- depending on demand
  • In charge of a team of 84 employees (machine operators, cutting and baking operators, creaming machine operators, packers and charge-hands.
  • Control of daily attendance and authorization of overtime
  • Coordinate weekly plan for the production lines.
  • Ensure daily targets are met with efficiency of 95%.
  • Hold daily structured production meetings in with the subordinates.
  • Ensure and check product conformance to stipulated quality standards. (QA).
  • Responsible for safety and ensure proper maintenance of the production lines.
  • Prepare and plan production for the next shift.
  • Custodian for GMP and HACCP.

Tobacco: Fitter/Production From 1999-1 To 1999-12

Operate and maintain High speed packaging - cigarette machines to efficiency target of 98%
Perform quality checks on the line
Attend to machine break downs
Operate machine to reach target
Planned maintenance on high-speed machines weekly
Hydraulic and pneumatic presses repair
Steam boil and Air receivers repair service
Arc and Gas welding and Compressor repair

January 2000 to June 2000: Seeking employment

Food and Beverage: Production Co-ordinator From 1997-12 To 1998-12
  • In charge of production team of 45
  • Machine operators
  • Packers
  • Forklift drivers
  • Quality auditors
  • Ensure correct manning level control overtime
  • Handle Industrial Relations matters
  • Check quality on the line
  • Complete hourly short interval reports, daily production reports
  • Hold green area meetings at beginning of shifts
  • Attend daily production meetings
  • Prepare material for next shift
  • Monthly stock taking in production department to develop production plan for the next month

Glass Manufacturing: Production Manager From 1995-03 To 1997-07

Turning on CNC Lathe

Surface grinding
Perform machine changeover within specified time of 1 Hour
Attend to breakdowns
Maintenance on chain rubber conveyors
Repairs on pumps and palletisers / de-palletisers
Liaise with quality department on machine performance
Repairs and maintenance on high-speed machines.
Work stand-by duties on monthly basis.
Attend to Furnace breakdowns.
Installation of new plant conveyors and machinery
Preparation and repairs to machine spares
Responsible for Glass machine change over and overhauls.
Perform annual shutdowns on the plant.
Responsible for plant safety and health.
Do planned maintenance.
Perform mould repairs CNC turning and surface grinding.
Arc and gas welding.
Pipe fitting.

Metals: Fitter From 1991-01 To 1994-12

Fitting mould equipment for high speed packaging machines
Turning on CPY lathes modifying mould
Making take-out tongs for glass machines
Overhauling and rebuilding o IS machines


Manufacturer and supplier of performance-engineered abrasives for technical manufacturing and commercial applications.: Fitter Apprentice From 1987-01 To 1990-11
  • Served full apprenticeship

Repairs on:

  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Dust collectors
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Pneumatic Valves
  • Pump testing and assembling
  • Gas and Arc welding
  • Lathe turning and surface grinding
  • General maintenance of the plant.
  • Turning, milling and surface grinding
  • Repairs on refractory Kilns.
  • Repairs and servicing of hydraulic and pneumatic presses.
  • Repairs and building of hydraulic power-packs.
  • Maintenance of compressors, boilers, hydraulic and pneumatic presses and compressors units.
  • Pump repairs-centrifugal, vane and vacuum pumps.
  • Arc and Gas welding.
  • Assembling and building of hydraulics power-packs.
  • Maintenance on cooling-towers.
  • Installation of new production lines.
  • Repairs to compressors.
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
Afrikaans,North Sotho,Zulu
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)
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