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Permanent - Business Intelligent Administrator - Ekurhuleni (East Rand) - South Africa

Job Number: 73430

Business Intelligent Administrator
Ekurhuleni (East Rand)

Responsibilities of Job

Daily Tasks:

  • Remote access into the OptiMIM servers to do daily checks.
  • Polling of the system will be performed where needed – to ensure that data is received from all field devices and all field devices are operational.
  • Escalate polling issues to the relevant technician.
  • Checking of unassigned fillings to ensure that the mine is aware of transactions pending allocation.
  • Checking override transactions/ fillings due to using VOC’s (Vehicle override card) are identified and correct the data where possible.
  • The individual needs to investigate the use of the VOC before correcting the transaction to ensure the VOC is not abused.
  • The BIA may block VOC cards to identify vehicles that are not able to load due to tags being missing / damage / not assigned.
  • The BIA may block or reassign other cards that have been incorrectly assigned.
  • The BIA will investigate any missing transactions and recover them or escalate them to the support technician.Check any other alarms on the OPTIMIM system.
  • Checking of asset capacity exceptions to ensure that tank capacities in the OPTIMIM
  • Database are correct and the mine is aware of the exceptions.
  • The BIA will run a report to identify any assets that have been added recently and check them against the information received from onsite technicians and compare them to assets already on the OptiMIM Database to ensure that any new data added is correct.
  • Identify and investigate reconciliation issues that may arise from discrepancies between the export and the financial system.
  • Investigate AVRs that are standing or pose some other problem which result in irregular consumptions and report these AVRs to the technicians.
  • Update ticketing system once the AVR issues have been resolved.
  • Monitor tasks given to technicians, to ensure that the problems are being addressed.
  • Perform Bowser reconciliations and investigate exceptions.


Other Tasks:

  • The BIA will run a vehicle utilization report and identify any vehicles not used for a period and remove them from the OptiMIM Database to ensure that the database remains clean at all times.
  • Assist customers in maintaining their asset list and any other configurational data.
  • Evaluate and distribute the daily, weekly or- monthly reports.
  • Refresh the Power BI dashboards and investigate any anomalies.
  • The BIA will run the tank reconciliation report– together the BIA, the mine and the technician will investigate any discrepancies identified and correct.
  • Assist with any investigations, as and when required, that might arise from the reports or exported data.
  • Advise the client how to optimize or improve operations when shortcomings have been identified.
  • Conduct regular meetings with the customer to generate awareness potential problems causing the Fuel Management Solution to run sub optimally.
  • Close the company Reporting Journal Module at requested weekly close dates.
  • Download the final Journal report for review and reconciliation.
  • Allocate assets and reperform Journal close.
  • Obtain weekly meter readings from the fuel supplier on the mine.
  • Investigate and reconcile differences between the fuel supplier and company.
  • Perform Bowser reconciliations and investigate exceptions.
  • Submit to tax consultants the Weekly Raw Transaction Report with the other details noted in the SLA (New Tagged Assets, New Tagged Operators, Losses, Theft, AVR exceptions and other relevant issues.
  • Attend to Raw Data queries from the tax consultant.
  • Ad-hoc reporting requests for fuelling and asset information from the tax consultant; the client; Energy Saving Projects etc.
  • Develop a very good understanding of the system required to quickly identify issues on site.
  • Work with the Data Analyst to identify inefficiencies in the existing processes and n reports and develop and test improvements.

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Formal Training / Experience Required

  • A Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) or equivalent degree or diploma is required.
  • SQL certification or basic SQL knowledge is a requirement.
  • MS Excel working experience is a requirement.
  • Experience in Power BI will be an advantage.
  • Qualification in auditing or analytics will be an advantage.
  • Qualification in business intelligence will be an advantage.
  • Qualification in statistical analysis will be an advantage.
  • Qualification in data analysis will be an advantage.
  • 3 years relevant working experience with customers


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Sound Analytical ability.
  • Good general computer skills, especially in MS Excel
  • Excellent organization skills and attention to detail
  • Technically software Inclined
  • Code 8 Drivers license
  • Excellent problem solver
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Experience working with end customers
  • Experience with stock reconciliation
  • A solid understanding of fuel management would be a great advantage
  • Able to understand complex process flow
Information Technology (BIT)

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