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  • 2018-04-11 09:36:26 AM
    Applicant Tracking Systems in South Africa

    Applicant Tracking System

    For Job Seekers getting through the first step of finding a job isn’t one that begins with a person sitting in front of them asking questions, nope, it starts with your CV and an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

    An Applicant Tracking System is a software system that assists in managing the recruitment process by tracking and accurately sorting through thousands of CV’s submitted or received for a particular position.

    How does it work?

    When you submit your details through an Applicant Tracking System your details are stored on a database. Recruiters or Hiring Managers through search through CV’s using specific keywords; the Applicant Tracking System uses these keywords to search through thousands of CV’s and applications to match the keywords to CV’s on the database. The CVs get ranked by the Applicant Tracking System, if your CV contains keywords that an Employer or Recruiter is searching for then your CV is ranked above others. Job Seekers, here is a hint for you, make sure that your CV contains the main keywords before applying for a position.

    Why do employers and recruiters use Applicant Tracking Systems?

    An ATS is like having a thousand PA’s on one system examining CV’s and applications that best suit a job specification. Not only does the Applicant Tracking System assist in accurately sorting through CV’s but it also reduces the risk of deleting or losing important information. ATS allows recruiters and employers to manage and complete more tasks every day while ensuring that they are in line with budgets and placement targets.

    Keywords are Key!

    The process in which an applicant adds keywords to their CV for ATS is the same process a Marketer would tailor their website for search engines to be ranked above others organically. The best way to get your CV noticed is to anticipate the keywords that a Recruiter or Hiring Manager would use to search through CVs or what keywords they would use when writing up a job specification before actually applying.



    Make sure that you do some research on the company you applying at and look for keywords that are often used on their website or on their social platforms. A Recruiter or Hiring Manager is not going to search for keywords such as ‘team player’ or ‘hard working’ but rather keywords such as ‘Senior Sales Manager’,  ‘Junior Mechanical Engineer’,  Key Performance Indicators etc.

    Streamlining the process

    ATS helps streamline the process in finding good applicants for clients. The time it takes for a Hiring Manager or Recruiter to contact a candidate is shortened drastically through an ATS system. ATS can also be used to respond to and on-board successful candidates.


    POPI Act no.4 of 2013


    POPI, Protection of Personal Information ACT is very important in our industry to ensure that we comply with the ACT and handle people’s information correctly.  ATS allows us to ensure that we collect, process, store and share information securely. This is another process that is streamlined by using ATS and gives employers and applicant’s reassurance that they are in line with the requirements set out by POPI.

    That is why it is so important to have a good ATS in place in South Africa which follows the labour laws and promotes your employment brand. If you are a recruiter or Human Resource Manager and you are not using an Applicant Tracking System you should start before you get left behind!

    Try TRS (Total Recruitment Solution) our Applicant Tracking System and see what you have been missing out on!

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    Article written by: Victoria Greeff

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