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  • 2021-08-30 11:34:43 AM
    10 Ways to keep your staff/ employees motivated whilst working from home/ remotely

    1.Have a dedicated space available to work efficiently.

    2.Have this area professionally set laptop/printer/modem.

    3.Set daily targets to be achieved.

    4.Avoid family & personal distractions. Eg: noise/kids/loud music.

    5.Take regular breaks to walk around, thus improving circulation.

    6.Strictly adhere to working times and deadlines.

    7.Try to make 30 minutes available for daily exercise.

    8.Avoid eating during work hours- keep to strict lunch/breakfast regimes.

    9.Contact peers/ superiors regularly to stay abreast.

    10.Self reward for targets/ objectives achieved. Eg: afternoon off.

     Ref: STM Unique Personnnel 

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