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  • 11/23/2022 10:37:45 AM
    5 Strategies that Will Boost Your Recruitment Marketing

    In the business world, time really is money. That’s why businesses nowadays are constantly looking for solutions that will enable them to optimize various operations and thus save money in the long run. Since the age of technology is upon us, modern businesses should rely on it as much as possible.

    For that reason, online recruitment became so popular. No matter what type of business you’re running, be it an eCommerce store or a real online casino, strong chances are that you too could benefit significantly from searching for your workforce online.

    Or, to be more precise, allowing your future workforce to come to you. This is where recruitment marketing steps in to save the day. Here are just some of the most efficient recruitment marketing strategies you should rely on.

    Optimize your website

    Just like in regular marketing, your website is your business’s first impression in recruitment marketing as well. What this means is that your website won’t only be able to attract new customers, but also potential employees. That is if it’s optimized properly. 

    However, when it comes to recruitment marketing, SEO and other marketing strategies that will help you get your website “out there” won’t really be enough. Instead, you need to make sure you also include a “careers page” where potential future employees will get the chance to see which positions are currently available in your organization. That way they can easily see if there’s any room for them within your workforce, which will encourage them to submit an application in case there is.

    And even if there’s not really an available job position for them in particular, they may be inclined to mention your business to their friends who may also be on a job hunt. 

    Establish your social media presence

    Your website shouldn’t be the only place where potential employees will be able to interact with your organization. Instead, you also need to make sure you establish a strong social media presence. This way potential candidates can easily learn more about your business organically, without necessarily having to reach out to you directly.

    The more they can learn about your business this way, the more they’ll be likely to convert. In fact, the conversion rate is seven times bigger this way.

    Be present on review sites

    Aside from social media, you also need to manage your employer image on various review sites. Your brand reputation is extremely important, not just for attracting new customers, but also for attracting your future employees.

    Every person out there would choose to work for a fair and reputable employee over the one that is not. And in case people can’t get informed about you – as an employer – in most cases they won’t even bother applying. 

    That being said, you also need to ensure that the reviews about you are accurate, and most importantly real. Many people fall in the trap of trying to boost their online reputation through means that are shady – to say the least. So, refrain yourself from leaving fake positive reviews and instead encourage your current employees to help you tackle this step properly.

    Keep your brand top of mind

    Needless to say, in order to be able to attract people – be it potential customers or employees – you also need to ensure that your brand stay top of mind at all times.

    This can easily be achieved via emails and newsletters. They’re one of the best and cheapest ways brands can keep their leads engaged and interested in what they have to say.

    When it comes to prospective employees, think about which type of information will be most useful and valuable to them. As an employee, what would you like to hear or learn more about? That way you can ensure you provide them with all the necessary information that will encourage them to take the next step and actually apply for a position. 

    Create quality content

    In the end, keep in mind that content is king in all aspects of marketing. And while the content you create in order to try and attract new customers will vary slightly from the one you create for potential employees, the fact still remains that both of them need to be of the highest possible quality.

    Blog posts, video content, webinars, infographics and podcasts are just some of the types of content that will allow you to deliver value to any potential employees that are looking to get to know your business and operation better.

    The bottom line is that instead of having to search for potential employees yourself, you should enable them to come to you with the help of recruitment marketing. That way, neither party will be wasting time on opportunities that have the possibility not to yield the desired results. And when combined with online recruitment process and tools, recruitment marketing certainly pays off.

    - Publisher at Onrec, 11 Nov 2022

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