TRS offers you a COMPLETE solution

POPI Compliant
TRS Reduction in hiring costs is up to 70%
Improvement in new employee retention
Increase in hiring manager satisfaction
Make your new talent your game changer

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EASILY Manage all your Staff appointments

from application, first interview, reference to final Selection.

Recruitment Software

With TRS, applicants register and manage themselves. Which means you have NO more time consuming data capturing!



Manage Candidates

TRS gives you the flexibility to manage your candidates database easily and efficiently, with your very own customised TRS candidate management website.


Applicant Tracking

By Speeding up CV submissions the inefficient and complicated work is done inhalf the time, with a saving of more than 30% in your recruitment costs.


DO YOU Need a careers section on your current website ?

TRS is ideal for SME’s with less than 500 employees who require automation of their manual recruitment processes and the ability to source candidates directly from the web through multiple sources efficiently and more affordably.

Swift Requisition

  • Requisition status tracking
  • Task delegation to individual HR users or HR teams, approvers and hiring managers
  • Automated workflow on approval & notifications

Candidate Sourcing

  • Automated advertising of vacancies and responses to 300+ local& international job portals
  • Automated advertising to popular social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+

Automated Applicant

  • Automated Applicant Screening
  • Screen all candidates that apply through all your sources
  • Customisable questions per vacancy
  • Applications are automatically rejected or accepted via an
    automated email process

Automated Response and Messaging

  • Fully customisable automatic notification & messaging
  • Keep candidates, agencies& managers informed in real time
  • Send messages to candidates, hiring managers and agencies

Recruitment Agency

  • Separate individual website access
  • Vacancy allocation workflow
  • Agency tiers
  • Agency applicants facility
  • Agency applicant tracking
  • Automated preferred supplier applications through company website


  • Reporting
  • Advanced Smart Reporting
  • Advanced dashboards

It is time to get that “Candidate Database”

working for you

TRS gives you one comprehensive database that allows you to store all your candidates:

  • Personal Details
  • Job Preferences
  • Job History

  • Qualifications
  • Employment References
  • Software Experience

As well as copies of their ID, Qualifications, Original CV and whatever other documentation you will need. TRS will also automate the POPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) process for you.